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  1. Dr Tony from Hobart has definately bought Cougar and was even at SYC last weekend with his crew doing a training session with a few of Alans old crew.. New owner was seen with his cheshire cat expression. Big step up from the purple pig. but his crew are not novices so we should see that boat continue at pointy end of the fleet. But they must be bloody confident taking on S2H as 1st race. And we hear someone is looking about for a replacement ..so another fast Cougar may be at SYC middle of 2012. watching waiting
  2. In the "0" boat fleet wot's happend to the once mighty Dolly?. She didnt appear last weekend although she hasnt beaten Shogun or Cougar in the last 12 months anyway. In fact it started to look like the new gun " O" boat for this season would be the Shogun ...until Cougar Cat arose from winter hibernation to blow em all away again.. Word is the big pussy's got their regular crew back.after missing a few for Lipton ....Its still hard to see all the Pros on the Gun are giving good $ value. Is $6k for a days racing a bit steep?? Last weekend CM Range Series Div Zero was awsome t
  3. That was crap blending Sydney 38s and Beneteau Jay Doves with Grand prix boats . No one wants to see that again . But all the GP big boats must sail the majors.. They look fantastic blasting past under kite. Wots happened to Rush and the TP52 Artemis that was suposedly purchased by Gtown high flyer late last year? Disappointing so few Div Zero boats fronted last couple of rounds of the Range . Poofinger and Flirt have no excuses . Scarlet has cleaned up Pt Lincoln and Calm is unavoidibly sedated of course. The Terra - Shamrock deal will help that fleet . Terra boys will sail the Cook
  4. Calm and Cougar 2 both live at Sandy. why dont you tell the Sailing Office at SYC about your lucky find and see how much the $ reward is ?. All big boat sailors must be spoilt . Everyone should sail SB3s or Etchels shouldnt they ?
  5. Nice to see Dolly make the effort to come down the bay to make up a Div 0 race . A good win is a good win but Calm did have a couple of stuff ups with sails and Cougar boys told me not only did they have a winch failure, but were using a smaller offshore main and most of the crew were in unfamiliar positions (whatever that means?) training for Hobart . Audi was standout and certainly is gaining benefit from the sail mods. Roll on Range next week !
  6. Weather looks better for tomorrow. Hope it is, we have a nice new fence and gates to officially Open over here. Apparently Sandy are opening the clubhouse again, or is it the car park? Whatever the case free piss will surely be available. Looking at the racing for the summer it must be said that the Melbourne fleet is looking sensational. My tips are as follows. 1. There will be no stand-out boat this year, with the competition so even now. 2. Cougar to again be the pace setter, BUT she won't have it all her way as she has done so for the past two years. Dolly, Calm and Audi Melbourne
  7. Why wasnt Scarlet Runner, Living Doll and Cougar ll racing to Stanley.? Seems hollow victory without serious competition . Looks like the CM Range series will show who is top dog now.
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