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  1. It's a POS that someone thought up after studying 10's of foiling designs....
  2. I walked the docks of Newport during a distant past cup cycle. Walked past a team dismantling their boat, taking everything, all hardware was coming off. You could taste the sadness in the silence on board... they were only sailing for room, board and a t-shirt! #3 Close the loophole: I know a past US cup sailor who had to move to Switzerland to fulfill eligibility status as a national Swiss sailor for Alinghi.... It was what it was and it is what it is now! Follow the money to find the nationality - simple really! Broken record on: Strip all the bullshit away a
  3. Liquid


    QAnon HBO docuseries 'Into The Storm' is scary to watch. I'd bet that most Qnutters are also bible thumpers! If you can believe in genesis, immaculate conception, imaginary beings in the sky, prayer, walking on water, parting seas and resurrection then believing in insane conspiracies is not a big leap! Faith gives one the ability to willfully suspend reality, the Q cult does the same thing for its followers.
  4. ^Not sure where I saw NYC on the schedule, thanks for the correction! Newsworthy? Don't they have exposure to a billion views....
  5. You seem to be answering your OP with a bias that it's the CEO who gets the pats on the back!
  6. Why go back to New York City? That "racing" was unwatchable!
  7. You gotta let the boats behind know when you hit the breaks!
  8. Come on sheeple, it's the fucking America's Cup!!! It's supposed to be exclusive, stupid expensive and a technical spectacle... Go sail a TP52 if you want to 'save' money while sailboat racing!
  9. Liquid


    All the fun in old boats was in front of the mast!!! Seriously!? We don't get it because we've never foiled? You must love those super exciting 10 minute straight line speed run vids then... WTF????? At least they don't have self tacking jibs.... I'm thankful for the highlight reel that breaks down 2 races into 20 minutes! The boundary is just stupid - sailing will never fit in a stadium! Foiling or pushing water out of the way, either way sailing is boring to watch!!! Foiling sailboats with 0 sail handling that require only 2 or 3 knowledgeable sa
  10. I used to live in one. I no longer do.
  11. Volunteer positions on a sail boat? Maybe it was an 70-80s thing and we just weren't woke enough... There wasn't a debate on who was going to the end of the pole while rolling rail to rail to set up a peel or who was going aloft in any conditions. My job was bowman. 'Yes sir' was the only acceptable response! I also sailed with owners that would put you in the life raft and sail away if you went below and shut down!
  12. Strange, I did a family BVI charter over a Christmas holiday 47 years ago. There were urchins EVERYWHERE and Barracuda's - those pesky invasive predator fish in my snorkel area.... We were specifically warned to be vigilant about urchins - 47 years ago! Reefs used to be some of the most stable environments on the planet before we showed up. Urchins are invasive to a reef! HA I think they have been doing what they do for billions of years.
  13. Occam's razor! Simple skiff style, single line up/down fucker, a continuous sheet and that slippery shit for the kite and the retrieval hole! The pole is the pole... TEACH your sons into a simple and reliable system! Then focus on your turns!
  14. How is a sea urchin an invasive pest? I would find you stabbing me rather invasive in my reef chill zone because I live there and you don't!! I did have one that really liked the blue SPS in my old reef tank, chowed it to a nub! I had 2 urchins in my last tank, very interesting creatures!
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