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  1. Do both live/blank drills! Perspective also helps: I've probably only shot 1K-ish 9MM rounds in the last 4 years across 3 different guns (most of those recently)... Hand guns are fucking hard to shoot! As a newb to pistols, here's some recently solicited advice from shooters at my local indoor range which is also the county Sheriff Training Center! - Slow and smooth will become smooth and fast but now, just slow and smooth. Grip - acquire sights - target picture - then pull. Chill, breath, repeat! - Have/practice a repeatable draw - grip - out to sight picture. Unfu
  2. My first trigger pull is accurate-ish, my second not so much. I'm not slapping the trigger but I'm still anticipating the bang... Here's a great way, I just learned and tried, to actually see what your mind is doing to your grip. Cliff notes: Chamber a round, remove magazine, fire hot round, then dry fire as if hot and note where the front sight goes! It's an eye opening drill!!!
  3. I was really surprised the knucklehead wasn't pinned to the deck instantly once on the cop boat...
  4. It was the 70s and yes they were short hop/regional flights via Eastern Airlines. My example is Rochester, NY to Westchester, NY in loud, smoked filled and very bumpy prop planes. Clearly the end of life for the old birds.
  5. I got my pins when I visited the cockpit! Those were the days...
  6. How high? Regardless, sorry, I was only single digits years old then. I wasn't fully versed in all things aviation at that time... nor had I flown on a jet as all panes had propellers to me! I flew on regional Eastern Airlines 4X prop planes in the 70s, that had a low altitude ceiling (cause they weren't jets!!).... Congrats on your 707 fights at high altitudes. Did you get a pin?
  7. ^Thanks for the replies. Even more holster manu's to check out... I had no idea Remington was in trouble, but private equity came in to 'help'? Let's hope Remington assets will prevail! 3 Gun appeals to me because it brings all the disciplines together. Looks like a fun challenge just to run a coarse regardless of score!
  8. You could smoke in a plane in the 70s and they were low altitude flights by current standards. I'll never forget watching everybody's drinks hit the ceiling during bad turbulence and drip back down on them, except for my dad's drink - no spills! Looks at me and says, "it's a sailor thing"... Eastern Airlines flew 4 engine prop planes back then. I'm pretty sure I flew in one of these: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Lockheed_L-188_Electra
  9. From an above helo, yes! I think the wind is a helo on the ground and spooled up, throwing off deflected rotor wash like @Waiex191 said... Something about those micro wind waves look super localized and curved... I could also be suffering from confirmation bias!
  10. I couldn't agree more!!!! Please, 'Team (enter host country)', hurry up and lose the cup to a proper billionaire/steward that can afford to play the game! Q: If Ireland funds Dalton's team, will the sailors need to be Irish nationals? Nothing to see here until the venue announcement and we find out what other country's colors Dalton's team will be flying.....
  11. Finch, Apple TV on a free trial. Fuck that service! You'll need an apple device to actually view all content = shame! Service cancelled. 1.85 Snaggs Not really sure where to go on this one... a snippet in time that includes Tom Hanks finishing out his Netflix paid tour via a 90% CGI'd movie with really nothing underpinning it. A point in time with really no meaning... other than creating a sentient being with vacuum parts (utterly unexplained or explored) while man dies... really?
  12. I'm not an aviator... But that is a staged landing in the prop wash of a helo Just saying!
  13. Got my free copy today with the latest edition of 'Deadly Force' ('14) by Massad Ayoob on the way. It sure does seem to be required reading these days..... Informal survey of any like minded kooks: Q1 EDC: What's your favorite brand of IWB or OWB, hip carry holster - retention or not - just your fav brand? There seems to be as many brands and variations of holster as the color white in home decor.... and you can't try them out beforehand. Grrrrr!!! Q2: If you have/do shoot '3 Gun', my local club does (now able to apply!): What's you're favorite 12g? I like th
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