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  1. Will a new speed record category for powered boats be added or is there already one?
  2. Is Camanche still human powered, cause the Swan is all push buttons isn't it? Death trap?
  3. If you windsurf, you kinda know what it's like to hang off the rig! That's an easy transition!
  4. A black flag for barging...??? No one ever barges, right!? JS had to head down to fire off the line anyway, although he did have to go down further than his proper course... but a black flag?
  5. Why can't you leave the boat on the trailer? Splash when needed, return to trailer...
  6. Why? A couple of bow chocks lead to a cleat
  7. and flying cars are a good idea??? DIY sidewinders for skyrage! What engine part(s) killed the pilot?
  8. But your plane didn't gain weight after it took off... ^ and that's me being a cunt! Cause they survived is the story!!!!!
  9. As chum said... The plane I'm in that just took off, is now too heavy to land moments later.... Counter intuitive...
  10. So, a plane can take off with an non allowable landing weight????? Cause of fuel burn off.... FYI: I'm not a pilot....
  11. NO! Here's what I responded to: "determine if you are too heavy to land (Dump fuel or circle more)" How can a plane be heaver landing than taking off????
  12. Exactly!! Did you miss the dump fuel cause you're too heavy to land part?
  13. Very! Are you a parent? All special forces, cops, firemen, oil riggers, loggers, offshore sailors, etc and all pilots repeat bravery daily as a minimum requirement to hold their jobs. Being able to critically compute under stress is the issue! They did! Work the problem all the way to the ground would be my inclination! Legit ?: A plane can be too heavy to land but not too heavy to take off?
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