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  1. Here in OR, I've been fingerprinted and background checked many times, I also have a CCL and pay for training at the local Sheriff's Training Center. I really don't understand the issue with gun registration/BG checks. My insurance company is the serial number holder of record! Here's the strange part, you can purchase an AR-15, a large capacity magazine, 1K rounds of 5.56 with $500 of AR furniture in about 30 minutes at most local sports stores. You'll have to wait a year for a suppressor though......
  2. I guess you're not that familiar with 'Citizens United'...... Metaboy a leftist....!!??
  3. You should care that a foreign country will pay for your 'national' team to defend and hopefully lose the Cup, quickly! You should care............ But, you really, really just don't get it! Back in the day, sailors on the roster, shore or on deck, got 3 meals, a bed and a t-shirt! $ doesn't matter = you are a fool!
  4. "Let's reduce AC costs by having an entirely different boat to develop and staff..." Why not use the 69F?
  5. You just don't get it! Oracle could pay it's bills with US dollars regardless of where in the world they sailed.... TNZ, not so much! TNZ - maybe, brought to you by another nation's $$$!
  6. I did a night dive in Fiji - epic experience! Corals open and a whole different set of critters come out at night on the reef!
  7. Fuck Archi Digest! Every single picture is overly staged.
  8. I have a less than year old Samsung TV. AppleTV worked on it, but not all content was available without an Apple device... Fuck apple and their closed world!
  9. WTF are you on about? On 2nd thought, never mind.......
  10. Is your source Q? Just WOW!? Right there.... for all to see.
  11. You are not a champion! Champion of BS sure but not much else. Some of your fellow Kiwi's won a boat race that they can't seem to afford to win again! Please hurry up and lose!!!!!!
  12. I don't get it......... You are to smart for me! See below (lol) lol
  13. My brother will be proud to know that I'm like him now: a conservative, racist, lying, cockgobbler!
  14. The republic ends when the GQP ignores the vote and hand in their own votes via alternative electors - sound familiar? They could even hand the votes in early, no extra credit though. 2020 = America's last fair election
  15. I'm not racist, you are! So there... And a very merry FUCK OFF to you - cunt!
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