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  1. Abu Dhabi is the old Puma.. So whose this Peter Thornton guy? Owned Holua (SC70) for one and is a genuinely nice guy. Probably knows the difference between who's and whose as well...in fact, I would bet big money.
  2. Add Kate and all the various grandkids. My condolences as well. Robin I add my condolences as well, truly the consummate sailing family in Chicago for many years.
  3. isma

    espo is a dick

    But he does have the literacy skills of a 6 year old. Who doesn't like a cute 6 year old?
  4. Will it stop on the way to SF to kiss the rocks at HB goodbye? Or was it PS? Congratulations, I couldn't see the program working without your ownership.
  5. I really wanted you to be right the first time...shit.
  6. New math or did the earth's orbit change? Whoops, my caculator lied... I will try 63 this time Your calculator is a pathological liar. March 20th is the first day of spring this year. So even if we start with tomorrow, there are 17 days left in January, 28 in Feb, and 19 in March before we hit the 20th, so 64?
  7. New math or did the earth's orbit change?
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