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  1. It started when the teams arrived in Auckland. The two most wanted people in the AC are Bernasconi and Verdier (not necessarily in that order).
  2. When LR packed up their Italian base to come to Auckland, someone forgot to pack the boxes of charm and diplomacy into a container...
  3. I'ts a task certainly easier if the rudders are steel. There are some engineering considerations if they're composite.
  4. Provided the engineering for the rudder is up to it...
  5. In a webinar some months ago, Burns Fallow (ETNZ's principal and North sail designer) made mention of there is merit in inverting the top of the mainsail in terms of righting moment, but it comes at very significant drag penalty.
  6. No chance. You cross Dalton (as Deano did back in 2015 when he went crying to the media), you might be reconsidered for a role in 15-20 years once you've atoned for your sins...
  7. I think being a long way down the list to receive stock of a vaccine is a badge of honour. It shows that there's been some good decision making early and over time and NZ's predicament is nothing compared to the position of other countries.
  8. That 'extra deep' mode kept them on the foils before the start and effectively won them the race...
  9. Goobs is an 'advisor' to Ineos...
  10. It will make a great Kawau party barge. Easy to tow...
  11. Sending containers home already?
  12. That and structured luff jibs that require less halyard tension. It shows that the load on the runners isn't too high also...
  13. Yep. You might find the boat sails a little more bow down on one tack than the other...
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