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  1. we have 531.5 length now thats 1 1/2" longer than the factory recommended setting. Misspoke in the previous post about that. Want to know all I can about other 10r owners settings. Dont hesitate to pm me. We can always go faster.
  2. Thanks for the advise. Just finished Newport to ensenada race. Re tuned rig using ben factory headstay length. Turnbuckle almost max open. Still hardly any noticeable rake. Tensioned to 55v 25d2 35d1. Used rt-10 gauge for all. Seemed to perform well with num 1 up until 13knt then to much helm. Small rudder. Did not do well in race due to some Crew issues. Note i am not owner. mainsail trimmer. I will know more about this tune after a few beercan races here on thursdays.
  3. Haven't gone up mast to measure forestay length yet planning on doing so soon. I wonder if I could get some opinions as to what's going on with this situation. Using the north tuning guide Arc method calls for me to shorten head stay by 3 in. There's only 2 5/8 left between turnbuckles and right now the Mast has little to no rake. Please see attached image. rake.bmp
  4. We're in the Facebook group but they haven't been that responsive
  5. Beneteau 10r "Renegade" Getting ready for Newport ca to Ensenada
  6. I was under the impression headstay length is important before you start tensioning the shrouds. Doesn't headstay length determined rake?
  7. Looking at North tuning guide for ben 10r calls for headstay length pin to pin. Please see image for question pin to pin.bmp
  8. bkw

    Beneteau 10R

    Trying to rig tune 34.7 10r. I don't know how much tension to put on the forestay. When I use arc method and the numbers found on North tuning guides it calls for me to shorten head stay by 3 1/2". There's not even enough distance between turnbuckles to do that so I'm figuring must be a different spar or an after-market forestay. If anybody could help it would be much appreciated. Looking for a base setting of 8 to 12 knots.
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