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  1. Anyone here know about the new VAT rules with Brexit? I sold someone some seawater desalination stuff, they live in Britain, and my shipping interface won't let me ship until I first collect their VAT and send to her Royal Majesty's something or another. I've looked at instructions online, but they seem to conflict in some key ways. It seems half of the time, the answers I get are "refund their money and give up." But my customer needs her desal stuff, it shouldn't be that hard for me to give the Queen what she wants, right?
  2. Is that a Hemi in that Hitler-mobile? I like the juxtaposition, if nothing else. The thing that has always bugged me about the hemispherical engine is that they put the time and energy into it for WWII, and then they did fuck-all to that engine, pretty much from then to now, other than add a bunch of electronics, better timing, variable cylinder etc., but the actual combustion chamber is the same. The original idea behind the hemi was to move from a cylindrical combustion chamber to a spherical combustion chamber, because the combustion front itself is spherical, so the coupling woul
  3. Exterior shutters that are screwed to the wall is ridiculous, it amazes me that they are still used. But then I lived in Alabama, and a lot of houses have actual closing, locking exterior shutters to protect the windows in hurricanes ... ah, so that's their purpose.
  4. This sounds very scientific, is is about tits?
  5. It's a ranch house, that's the kind of house that is supposed to be on a ranch. Anyway, us English speakers have small ranches compared to China, they have a dairy ranch that is nearly 25 million acres.
  6. Cooking for oneself gets a lot easier once you transition away from non-beer meals ...
  7. Yeh, that was a shite song ... now I need the ear bleach,
  8. "You go sit down and learn something." !!!
  9. One can only "troll" effectively when one has bait. Bait is something that the fish actually wants. One does not catch a 50 pound Wahoo with a rubber marshmallow. If you think you have something on the line, it might just be because you're on the wrong end of the reel.
  10. For me, it's 144; twelve digits on one hand times twelve on the other. The thumbs belong to Mrs. Palmela.
  11. You remember the score you got on your GRE? I barely remember taking it, let alone my score. The GRE is just the SAT for people with a lot of college debt. I remember my percentile on the Physics-GRE, but mainly because the number represents a most excellent sexual position.
  12. I have no choice but to put up shutters, the dipshits who painted the house didn't bother to paint behind those shit plastic shutters. Those look like I could build, stain and hang a half dozen of them in an afternoon. Works for me.
  13. Your math is fine,you just misread ... "And Anschutz's ranch would fit two or three times over onto John Malone's or the King's ranch."
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