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  1. You support the release of a drug that doesn't have full FDA compliance for a largely unthreatened population. That makes you a danger to safety. SARS 1 was a natural coronavirus, it killed about a thousand people. MERS was a natural coronavirus, it killed about 500 people. SARS2 killed 4 million people. Our own National Lab found signs that it was a lab leak. I suggest you find a new strategy here, you're losing the plot here.
  2. If a lab leak killed 4 million people then there isn't much we can do about it at this point, other than reperations to the families. As far as I know we don't have time machines to undo it. But we should probably be absolutely sure that these genetically engineered mRNA vaccines are safe before we approve them for use with age groups that are mostly immune to COVID. If that doesn't concern you in any way, then it is just a demonstration of your ignorance.
  3. It's telling that you think the deaths of 4 million people is amusing enough for you to hunt up a photo of a dog taking a shit. Perhaps you didn't notice, but it's a considerably higher number than from the victims of our bombings of Hiroshima and Nagasaki. Seek help.
  4. Not in your case. You now no longer even have mainstream media to read, because even they're reporting on the possible lab leak now, and gain of function. So in your case, your rabbit hole is just deep enough for you to bury your old COVID masks.
  5. You are completely full of shit President Biden himself has spoken of a possible lab leak. But you no longer support Biden because he didn't do something with Cuba that you wanted him to do. I guess dismantling our illegal lease on Cuba isn't enough for you? Have you considered adding some fiber to your diet? It might help you.
  6. Wow, my flag looks good all big like that! It's a gorgeous flag. I designed it for social justice. As for "schtick" it is unnerving that you of all people can equate discussion of a potential accidental lab leak that may have killed 4 million people as "schtick." I'll give you the benefit of the doubt and just assume that your understanding of Yiddish sucks, but you are in fact concerned about avoiding lab leaks inthefuture.com.
  7. Speaking of "dumbing down" at the Ivy Leagues, I read Rick Yukon's new piece yesterday about Columbia University, and I got curious about Columbia's physics Ph.D. qualifier, so I looked at their website ... For background, Columbia was known around the world (along with University's of Chicago, Princeton, CUNY and University of Illinois) for having one of the most creatively difficult physics Ph.D. qualifiers. But like most, it was so difficult that a lot of promising candidates could never pass. So I look on their website after reading the Yukon piece ... Sweet Smoking Mary! They ar
  8. This is why it takes researchers and scientists to run these tests and validations, actual accredited ones, rather than just physicians. The nature of "do no harm" is not always consistent with the need for controlled pharma studies. It's the reason why the people on that medical plane sign waivers suggesting that their participation might kill them as they jump out the door with the placebo chute, or the tissue-paper chute. Physicians want to save everyone. That doesn't work when pharma is validated.
  9. What was the time frame? If you don't know the time frame, you can't speak to the safety. This isn't medicine, it's measurement. And yes, they did manage to pull a control group for one of the least impacted populations to COVID-19, so they could give them nothing more than sugar water and it would now a 99.99948% efficacy, because this age group is close to immune to that modified coronavirus even without the genetically-engineered vaccine. Do yo have the link for that? I'm willing to bet even money that there were no deaths in either group, right? So what did the vaccine prevent? A
  10. They're all genetically engineered. It's the nature of mRNA. And if you think that you know what the impact of even a 2 microvolt variation in a DNA structure can do to the chirality and inflection points of that structure next to a healthy cell, then you are lying to yourself. There are maybe only three labs in the world that have that kind of resolution below about 10 nanometers, and not one of them has a cell biologist within miles of it. It's not biology, it's solid state. Over the next couple of years, we'll see the long-trial safety, the one we couldn't see with humanized roden
  11. Did you bother to read that? Do you know what "stopping a clinical trial" means? Razor is wrong, and so are you.
  12. I'm going to side with Rick Yukon on this one, his take is that criminal negligence is unlikely and the higher-ups involved have already negotiated legal immunity anyway. I like his articles, they remind me of the old days, but if it's not your cup of tea, skip to the end ... https://spaceforce7.com/?p=254 He contends that the accidental death of 4 million people from a likely lab release is manageable, but birth defects and even sterility from the mRNA vaccine wouldn't show up in the rodent tests, and there wasn't time to do a controlled FDA sterility and birth safety study on
  13. Ethics? The whole point of the FDA compliance IS the ethical obligation to make sure it's safe, and much of this is result of the Thalidomide disaster. What Razor wrote is wrong, the test subjects sign waivers and it is understood and expected by all involved that the ethics of the test IS the FDA compliance, which encompasses all of these considerations. Human trials are the capstone of the FDA process and it's critical that they're followed. If some disease ruins the lives of millions while the pharma developers do their due diligence? Those deaths are on Mother Nature, or the huma
  14. Ah, so this is part of the FDA compliance process for new vaccines? Cite?
  15. Cripes man, are you high?You can't have a control group for adults made up of children. A proper control group, compliant with FDA guidelines IS controlled with a placebo and blinded, not vaccinated and unblinded.
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