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  1. Around here, it is barely an option, the "abandoned" malls sit on sufficiently valuable land that their redevelopment is often just months away.
  2. Yeah, that is their family, those people who live near them. Those are the people who love them enough to share their meager gains for the day. The idea of the State replacing the family will always seem ridiculous to those who have actual families, and impossible for those who don't. It comes to money, as always ... the elderly who have property but no family will find the State eager to assume that role, made possible by a 20 minute interview that takes away their rights via "cognitive deficiencies." And those who have nothing will rarely if ever find the State a willing partner in th
  3. It seems that way. I remember homelessness in NYC in the 1990s, this seems a whole different animal. Back then, there, the homeless were often emotionally ill, disproportionately people of color, and they could sleep in the subway to keep from freezing to death. NYC and a few other places became destinations for homeless to survive. But this is new ... These homeless are not necessarily from "abroad" but people who grew up here and in Wyoming. (Some of them came up through the same Denver Public School System that I did.) And yes, undoubtedly emotional illness, some major substan
  4. It is getting cold in Colorado, some of us do our best to help with money, sleeping bags, maybe a warm place to sleep if we have access. But it is like bailing a rowboat with a hole in it; so much need, an unstoppable current of need. Seems silly to endlessly debate politics while people nearly freeze to death. I had one idea ... these homeless camps tend to be near light posts and public infrastructure, at least as a stopgap, what about setting up metered electrical usage, and using some pennies of public funds to distribute things like tents, old cars, electric space heaters, water
  5. Gator is butthurt that Wake Forest (!!!) is top-20 and UF isn't. Why do they suck so bad this year?
  6. Seems like it would work, but the emerging reality of low-entropy energy production is that we are unwittingly swapping air pollutants for water and soil pollutants. Photovoltaics, batteries, electrolysis and fuel cells tend to need a lot of Rare Earth Elements and/or lithium. Where those come from is the dirty secret of our grand plans. Increasingly, they come from filthy ore extraction operations in West Africa and South America, often (usually?) by Chinese operators who have made an effort to move this out of China. I have already seen a formerly pristine river in Ghana flow the
  7. Yeah, I read fufkin's response, duplication unnecessary. This was the original publicity stunt from Mohammed Nasheed in the Maldives ...
  8. I just saw another discarded boat in Lakewood, CO, again on Sixth Avenue, westbound above Wadsworth. This time a 14-some foot open-transon sailing dingy of some kind. It looked good! I might grab that little fucker if it's still there and build it a redneck rig. I never remember seeing any discarded boats, now two in one month on the same road.
  9. FWIW, I have CenturyLink fiber optic to the house, but when that goes tits up (happens a few times per year) we turn on the hotspots on our T-Mobile phones and the internet is dead nuts money fast and reliable.
  10. Speaking of which, I saw a 30-some-foot boat with trailer that someone dumped on Sixth Avenue near Sims by the side of the highway. The hull looked to be in half-decent shape and the trailer was worth something. But it sat there by the side of the highway for about a week before someone presumably moved it. Maybe Lakewood just towed it to the dump? How do you landfill a boat and trailer?
  11. Is that from the documentary on Netflix called "The Island President"? If so, that sinking island was in The Maldives. It likely doesn't matter too much the cause ... climate change may be a contributing factor along with natural island making processes. The problem is that these people in Tuvalu, Maldives, Kiribati, etc. tend to be impoverished because the global client-state economy often bypasses them. In some cases, the poverty is thrust on American citizens in Saipan, Tinnian, Guam, Puerto Rico, USVI and American Samoa due to long-standing and profoundly racist laws like T
  12. You're right, it likely does nothing for PEs who keep up with the work and love the engineering process. But for PEs who are more interested in the cars, vacations, homes and boats than the actual engineering itself, I am happier to drive over bridges, to use electrical grids and water networks that are signed off by PEs who are strong-armed into reading their trade journals.
  13. Apologies. I was thinking of Owen. He is the one with the anti-aging device.
  14. When Duh-Razor read this he likely blamed you for picking bad tenants.
  15. You seem to show no real understanding here. Perhaps you should educate yourself on what the eviction process normally is, versus what it is/was under a moratorium.
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