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  1. I am going to have a 30 foot X 10 inch masthead Paying Out Flag made. Just think they are cool. Anyone have suggestion for best fabric? Weight? https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Pennant_(commissioning)
  2. DDW, This discussion has moved quite aways from HydraNet vs Laminated sails, but I noted a mention of "hay racks". I love hay racks, and have had them on both of my trimarans. 3 on each side is ideal, and the lazy jacks come out the ends of the hay racks. While I am a fan of sail bags on cruising boats, I use a traditional sail cover on my race boat. Important for myself and crew to adjust the outhaul; and this is harder to do with a sail bag. I also "retract" my lazy jacks after dropping the sail, to enable the sail cover to go over easier.
  3. I looked at the Mod70 site, and saw that North is a sponsor. I have Doyle screecher, Code 0, and asymetrical.
  4. What is IMOCA? How about ORMA? Mod70 fleet use North 3di? The leasee of "Lending Tree" said in a lecture that weight aloft is insignificant compared with durability.
  5. My decision will be upon data. Comparison with data between the 2, admitted, very different types of sail. Price for an 800 sq. ft. main? ie. $10k vs.$20k? Weight aloft? Maintain shape over time? Airflow data? Used in 10-15, 30+ mile Pacific Ocean races a year.
  6. How does Hydra Net compare with North's 3di laminate for a racing trimaran?
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