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  1. Thanks heaps, @Admiral Hornblower. I swear these videos weren't there last time I looked. Cheers!
  2. I'm looking for the full video replays of the races at the Tokyo Olympics. Does anybody know where I can get a copy? I'd like to show them to the kids at our club for tactics lessons. Youtube has the full medal races of the 470, but I'm more looking for the qualifying races with more boats, especially the Lasers/ILCAs. I remember them being televised pretty good. Can anybody help me with a link? Cheers.
  3. want to pm you but it says you can't receive messages. any chance to have a look into your paper on nutriton?

    1. Foolish


      I've attached my paper, along with an ad for my new novel.  Have fun.

      SH Meal Planning.pdf

    2. justinlimbo
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