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  1. Think the guy who dismasted off the west coast of Mexico had a couple blog posts about that
  2. Dragonflies have a comfortable-to-walk-on but very dense mesh. Like 25% open. In puffs off the swells it did feel like it was catching. Then when a smaller Df28 capsized in a race (search YouTube “no escape for Escape”) Ian Farrier opined that the sense mesh was a factor. It made me want to switch to the knotless dyneema from Net-sys, but I never got around to doing it
  3. The one time I was boarded by USCG I was flying the bear flag off the stern. This was 2014 or so.
  4. Video of recovery is on FB how did they keep track of it? Epirb had to be switched off, presumably all other electronics were shot. https://m.facebook.com/DeterminationMarine/
  5. Why are not more people gybing south to catch whatever pressure remains of Felicia?
  6. This is a good point! With aluminum’s high heat conductivity (x5000 more than fiberglass) you have a natural heat sink all around you. The opposite logic in high latitudes of course…
  7. So what does the >$3k entry fee buy, in terms of support, prizes, etc? Route du Rhum at €6k is more expensive, but you can probably get more sponsorship. I know a guy who got a complete set of sails, new PBO rigging plus some cash in RdR ‘18 RhumMulti class despite retiring before he even crossed the Bay of Biscay (admittedly the hairiest part of that race). OSTAR 2017 had 15 entries total, RdR had 21 in RhumMulti class alone and >100 overall. RdR looks like a much more pleasant ride as well.
  8. Yep. Both on the third floor and in the basement. Gb knows their audience…
  9. 1. This looks like Trondheim fjord, with 1.5kt tidal current. It makes 5.4kt VMG in a well-sailed condocat plausible. 2. To bring the thread back to the subject, I respectfully submit the “Magestic” (what a name!):
  10. On the subject of design displacement in multihulls, from the 1983 book recommended by Keith earlier in this thread: Plus ça change, plus c’est la même chose.
  11. Not really bargain basement for a project boat with chequered history... Try pricing the sails and a proper carbon stick, delivered to Hawaii. After the costs the more modern and likely faster R60 no 1 Ineffable will likely come cheaper. Also guess the true displacement compared to the designer's 15,000#... On a related note, its 63' sistership Atlantis appears to have been sold by Martinique authorities after being seized for drug smuggling. Would be good to see an update. On all the talk about weight, performance and safety... Stability goes up faster than performance decreases wit
  12. Nice vid. No way to rig a bridle to the ama bows, huh..
  13. Why wouldn't they get the first R60 Ineffable? I suppose it might be due to their schedule with the new baby and all... needing to be on land.
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