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  1. Have you used it? And if so, what actual system did you use? When you are short handed in the kind of wind that requires windward ama ballast you probably want a system that’s not very cumbersome. Can you actually get the pump to draw water when under way? How do you keep the snorkel submerged? And does it work well in waves?
  2. I was thinking the same - ditch the dinghy motor in favor of the unit described by The Sailing Frenchman in the video. He measures its efficiency at 10% (10nm of sailing to charge the motor to go for 1nm). This sounds bad, but it's a round-trip, so charging-only is probably 55% (half-way). How does that compare to W&S?
  3. This is from Facebook. So what happened to the superiority (and exposure) of the forward helm station? What is that "super smooth teflon antifouling" they are talking about?
  4. I was wandering myself… perhaps Paul meant in the weather ama for more righting moment? Wouldn’t want to Chinese gybe in those conditions… is there a scoop for getting those 2t into the ama?
  5. Are those the same Multi50s? will they have any media coverage?
  6. 1. In the winds where you are concerned about being able to take down the spinnaker you probably won’t feel like unfurling the screacher just to blanket it. 2. Instead of the rigid ATN sock an inflatable doughnut may be safer. 3. With the pressure on the kite easing 3-4’ of spi halyard is likely to unsnag (or rip) whatever entanglement is up there.
  7. A permanently hoisted screacher would make it slightly busy with all the lines going up, but why would it be an issue? I had a sock that worked without fail, singlehanded. Blow the tackline, pull the sock down. Also did letterbox douses on a racing mono. Works well, looks cool. It is more work though because you then have to repack the chute, re-run the sheets, etc. The tackline needs to be 2x as long to make it all the way back to the companionway. But if caught in a stronger wind than expected and without a sock it's a great solution, agree.
  8. Yep, don't see any multis, nor in the 2019 ORR database. So far I've used polars for weather routing and for live and ex-post display of polar% (<90% = something's wrong, like kelp, sail trim, etc, or perhaps sea state), below is an example. Ideally once you have it you can test changes like different sail combos, board, etc.
  9. Is it me, or Talisker looks a bit wedding-cake-tall? Is it just perspective, or is it the highest boom placement of all Schionnigs I've seen?
  10. Well spotted! It probably is, others here would know better. The ghost images from Google Maps look cool:
  11. I guess my question really was whether the economies of scale (everyone getting rated) made quality VPP polars available at <$1k cost. Why do you say it's crap? PS A mono I was on won our ORR class in The Islands race, so it's used at least for monohulls. They advertise ORRmh, so I was wandering how many actually got it. From ORR website:
  12. Has anyone got one? Especially the one where they give you the polars for $300 more. The question is how accurate you think their VPP is. Is there a database of multihull ratings, to compare vs MOCRA, for instance?
  13. What’s the headroom, doesn’t say anywhere? it’s not far from where there is a Mumby too I think, perhaps a fun trip to “Peely-peely” is in order
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