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  1. That's a great story Pil, would like a dollar for every boat builder in the Hemmant area that's gone bust over the years
  2. There were others, Hired Hand a 33 ft Nicol in lime green, Assassin, 36 stretched to 42ft and from memory a couple of 31 footers as well, one of them I think was owned at some stage by Terry Worthing who used to own Groucho Marx, a Spindrift 37
  3. Ben Bolt was built by my uncle Col Fraser as a slightly larger sistership to Devils 3, also a Lex Nicol design
  4. Hi Skull, who is the new owner? She was owned and built by my father Cliff back in the early 80's
  5. Love these boats, one of my favourites was 'Hot Water' which was part of the sailing scene at Easter in Brisbane in the mid nineties
  6. Hey Hacket, that was a very educated thought out polite response, you're not a teacher are you? :-) Oh by the way, the name's Craig
  7. Hey Y, sorry for butting in but know a little about the shotovers, the first I think was a crowther super shock wave at 60ft, shotover2 was built by Adrian and was his design after he sailed a mid twenty ft version, shot over 2 actually won Gladstone even after dropping its fwd mast at break sea as well, very fast boat on a reach, ultra mudbug was his last design and yes did drop her rig I think in the AMOC off Scarborough
  8. Cliffhanger's owner is Glenn on 0417620706
  9. Shotover had line honors a few times. Here is a bit of history for you here Keith. http://www.mycq.org..../BG_Honours.htm The other 40ft Shotover 2 had line honors as well. Anyone know where it is. I happened to see a fantastic site when Shotover2 missed a rounding mark in the 88 Bris to Gladstone in Bramble Bay which almost put her last but once around the breeze had increased to 20kts and this was an awsome site watching her run through the field with two mains and a tiny shy kite at mindblowing speed and spray to be head of the fleet by the time they reached Moreton Island,
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