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  1. The boats that did not sail the course need to withdraw, end of story. Letting this stand as currently scored is REALLY bad for the event....
  2. Fun little A sail test with one of the 2M AC boats.
  3. The fluky conditions that day(I was there for a bit) is pretty consistent with 99% of model sailboat racing in the US. Most of it is on lakes and ponds where the breeze is terrible. Light weight and the ability to accelerate(and a good bit of luck unfortunately) will win races at most regattas on inland bodies of water. I would hope the 2M's were faster on all points of sail than the 10 rater's as they are approximately 20" longer!(and deeper and taller) The fact that they were able to stay close is a testament to the last 100 years of 10 rater development! For sure the 10R is an excel
  4. That was a very interesting and tricky day of sailing. We had some races where the breeze was more stable and others (like the one above) where it was way up & down in pressure & direction. In general we found when the conditions were stable the 2M had a large advantage upwind and was about even reaching and a tiny bit quicker running than the 10r & Wheeler. All in all a fun bit of testing! I went back the following year with the white "Prada" boat and had more fun with the same guys, a very cool event. Made a fairly large sail change in design & construction lightenin
  5. Actually no. I have a hull that was given to me that is 84" long and is an IOR maxi like this: From what I was told the hull was in someway part of the Matador 2 development program. Hard to say if that's 100% but makes for a cool side note!
  6. No matter how long, they would be well worth the wait. Coolest boat I ever owned. All of the boat's parts are amazing. Doug Lord's work should not be shrugged off so quickly. thanks Peter. For sure some very cool boats in this thread, from foilers to classics. At some point I will build up that 1" to 1' scale IOR maxi hull that we have, I'm sure it will be slower than the 2M but would make for a cool classic.
  7. LOL ok. well as much as I do love models and making sails for them it really ends up being a back burner thing as designing full size sails is my real job. If people wanted more 2M AC's (we've done 5) we'd be happy to make more but there would be a wait.
  8. Thank you, a really fun project. I can't take all the credit my father does lots of the fabrication and has done a solid job. The mast is something he's worked very hard on, not an easy thing to make...! PM me we can chat.
  9. Fabric can be tricky for models. We've played around with a bunch of different options. The shot up near the top of this thread with the three 2M's starting has a wide range of fabrics show: plain mylar, Cuben, Twaraon laminate & a Technora laminate. In general we end up using fabric that's heavier considering the size & load of the 2M (given the extreme righting moment). Design wise I actually use the same software that I use every day to design full size sails & cut them on a plotter. Here's a shot looking from the head down of an "A" main.
  10. The GoPro ended up being a great accidental tool to refining the radio systems on the 2M. We sent the video to Rob at RMG/Smartwinch who was able to help us pick a better drum for our application. It uses a spiral now adding to the winch power. Our backstay system is still pretty noisy but has been refined over time and gets better and better.
  11. A few more videos, 2M vs crewed boats.
  12. A little onboard video from the 2M AC.
  13. Remind me what the name of that race is. We had a guy a few years ago contact us about building him a 2M for a distance race out by you, pretty sure it's the same one. We started doing these larger boats after racing the RC series in Antigua with our prototype "The Box". It's also run with chase boats and is in a large harbor in very rough conditions (for models). A fun event! 3 classes 5,6 & 7 footer open monohull.
  14. Yup, love RC sailing! Here's some pics of the 2meter AC. And the FB page: https://www.facebook.com/2m-RC-Sailing-287062741414123/
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