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  1. Don't think ETNZ was given enough credit for surviving the attack at the bottom mark when they got sailed off the course. That threw any pre-planning straight out the window but they pulled off one extemporaneous manoeuvre after another to get back on course, through the marks, round up and then off on the new tack. All those looked on to be on the ragged edge of control, but they managed it (no holes!), not sure we've seen a sequence like that under pressure in the regatta before....
  2. What do you think of the newly displayed 'air wakes'. I like 'em, but two things.... Are they more or less in the right place? Does RC get another cheque?
  3. Had ETNZ tacked in front on leg one they wouldn't have had to work so hard
  4. That's where the quiet confidence has been coming from...now it's been shown
  5. These are all you'd need, plenty about, I'm sure some will have been out for a blast...
  6. ^ PB just said they are working to reduce the gap to get closer to LR's set up
  7. it's a worry that the pre-start timing was not reliable for PB
  8. will they talk about the small foils again....after an even lighter wind race?
  9. so fair analysis by Pete after the last race it seems
  10. PB addressed that post-race. They tried something different there .... guess it didn't work
  11. ^ Well done, now you are talking Richard's language at least
  12. The on-the-water-umpires have come to different conclusions to the video-game umps, so 'we' are not the only ones disputing their new way of determining infractions. Apart from their millimetre decisions that seem to ignore the vagaries of wind and waves, they also seem to have turned the 'right of way rule on it's head' Let's hope nothing too big hinges on this weirdness
  13. Good racing Curious to know what the swearing was about just before the start
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