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  1. I have a complete b&g H2000 system working fine as well as the latest generation Vulcan plotter. Is it possible to install the Nac-2 pilot, precision 9 compass, RF25N rudder sensor, and also connect the WR10 wireless control using nmea 0183/2000 converter? The GPS build in the vulcan cover the need of GPS on the system? I see simrad At10, actisense, digital yacht, yacht devices all got NMEA0183/2000 converters both ways. Any better that others?
  2. This is also interesting. Anyone seen it? https://www.southernseasmarine.com.au/admiral-genoa-furlers-manual-race-and-reef
  3. Quote from owner of j112 "...its very sensitive to a few set screws, if they're off my 1 mm up or down the entire Furler stops working, and they easily shift position. And even when in proper form it is very hard to furl, we had to have foredeck crew furl from the front, slow process, no good for racing."
  4. Ok I just spoke with a guy owning a new J112e. Got it delivered with a ubi maior jiber and he changed back to a standard harken furler as he was not happy with the ubi maior jiber. Maybe Colligo lightweightfurler, Facnor flatdeck, Bartels and Karver are worth a look as well
  5. Many thanks for help. Can someone tell me why this ubi maior system will make sailchange easier than a luff track with two slots for racing? I have no experience
  6. I will need to modify all 4-5 headsails then? Is softhanks the way to go on a rodstay?
  7. Nice, thanks. Do I need to modify all headsails for this one?
  8. Please send me some links. I only find code0 and gennaker furlers
  9. I am looking for a low and slim jibfurler for my 40ft cruiseracer with rodstay to replace harken carbofoil for cruising/racing. Is facnor flat deck the best or other alternatives?
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