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  1. NIce, You going to visit Belfast on the cruise? If so drinks and dinner on me.
  2. would love it, my brothah from anothah mothah Ohhhh Daddy is excited....... Kitty, I would be up for a guest appearance this season on BDP if it works for you and can work out schedule wise. I am practicing and racing in the Med on the new Aegir all of June, the first 1/2 of July and first 1/2 September but will be in New England otherwise. I know, tough schedule huh... Cheers, Bobo
  3. Kitty, are you doing Marblehead-Halifax this year? I am scheduled to be racing on a boat called Falcon, out of Stamford, CT for M-H but I would love to give that bar crawl of ours another shot in halifax.... -bobo
  4. How true. Looking forward to getting back up there for some sailing and partying this summer. See you all soon.
  5. If it replaces Yarmouth I would want to race that with you bastards on Bandito. I, like you, love a good distance race. If we could make Yarmouth as fun as it was I am sure we can with somewhere new - the BDP folks can help out in the fun department as well....perhaps another bar crawl like in Halifax...boy, that hurt...
  6. Damn it! What a fun race, I had a blast last year. The sail there was great, the party on the dock rocked, the margarita's on beausoliel kicked ass, the town is as whacky as Canadians can be--such a good time. This just sucks. edit: The delivery home for me was not so great.
  7. 50 beers in 50 bars, aye. The last bar I remember was number 16, it looked like a swanky library and I had a Grey Goose on the rocks and argued it should count as two.
  8. You will be celebrating when we get to Halifax
  9. Quite the contrary, dragons are fast. For an example please note Mari-Cha IV.
  10. St. Jean, that sounds like ed is going to be looking for a new boat ("Ed is now taking offers")--if so, may I be so bold as to suggest this: Revo III? From what I have heard she is in great shape and that would make for some pretty cool match racing, no? Although, I suspect that rating will drop 6 pts were she to move to maine. Also, congrats on your season, and finally, go smack Nate (in your design office) in the back of the head for me. He'll know why. Cheers.
  11. Kitty, My favorite moment racing in gmora this year was one of my first races in maine, you were there, you were driving the other boat. Not sure of the race, or the name of the area we were in (but ask me for a good burmese restaurant anywhere in manhattan and I got you covered) but my favorite moment was going thru that tight little spot between two islands, Bandito and BDP, both flying chutes. You and Dick actually talked about it from the helm "Are you going thru there", "Yes, I think we are" I was sold on gmora sailing right there. Fun season, thank you all. I'll be back n
  12. And can she please have that dirty librarian look....i like that a lot.... Congrats Revo II to moving up to the top....What races are left that count towards the standings? Hoping we have a shot of getting back on top, no offense and all....
  13. Just checking out of my office in NYC now and headed up.....
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