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  1. This was the hot subject at the Navigators debrief. There were no good reasons given.
  2. https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1f132iq6z7KuaFqIv6kHM4bdFkQ5nWM35KZQOzLzV4ZM/edit#gid=488861758
  3. I'm about to do my non skid as well. Was trying to figure out the ratios for Awlgrip for roller application. Bottom paint store kept telling me it was not recommended for brush roll applications, but could not explain why there was a brush roller converter and reducer. I ended up on the phone with an awlgrip tech. He mentioned the flattening agent was not needed because the griptex will reduce the gloss. Seems like the sealing coat would bring the glass right back. Is there a optimum amount of flattening agent that should be added that's a good compomise between gloss and ability to keep
  4. So a couple of comments... First... I don't like feeling ill will to anyone, so I'm happy everyone was safe Second... The cost of the rescue was worth the entertainment I've had from this thread for the past few years... Third... I'm not so sure he was heading to Hawaii... I think he may have ended up there because his steering didn't work... Fourth... I'm really interested to learn what the failure mechanism was... was it the soggy plywood... or the excessive flex of the platform... or (add any reason here)? And finally... Hot Rod should serve as an example to all of us...
  5. I think instead of building FH, they should have started by building a sabot... or maybe a Lego set...
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