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  1. I think SA is going to be a very physical, hard-hitting side.
  2. Just saw the line-up and it look good. Happy to AWJ back as captain. Lions team to face South Africa: Hogg; A Watson, Daly, Henshaw, Van Der Merwe; Biggar, Price; W Jones, Cowan-Dickie, Furlong, Itoje, AW Jones (capt), Lawes, Curry, Conan. Replacements: Owens, Sutherland, Sinckler, Beirne, H Watson, Murray, Farrell, L Williams. Very happy to see lots of Scottish players in there as there's a lot of talent; Hogg and Watson are standouts. Will be interesting to see Van Der Merwe as the only Springjock!
  3. I’m fairly 50/50 on the sprint qualifying. It was good to see a bit more car racing, Max’s and Alonso’s starts were textbook but Perez is now at a major disadvantage. Only himself to blame, but I can’t help thinking that if there as an incident out of the driver’s control and they lost 10 places on the grid as a result it would be a bit unfair. Its good to have the format, but not every race weekend would be my current stance.
  4. I saw a brief bit of footage but you can’t tell if he’s on port or starboard coming in and if he flicks across to starboard or port at the line. I’m guessing he comes in on port, hence the black flag?
  5. What was Phil Robertson’s black flag all about?
  6. It would be interesting to see if it is the development and increasing commonality of foils since he said that in 2015 that have meant he sees an elasticity in the 100ft-to-performance ratio. Or that he likes to get paid.....!
  7. I should have used the sarcasm font.
  8. What would really help the MOD70 fleet gain some traction is some sort of managed fleet with a circuit and one-design racing with some of the best multi sailors in the world. With that sort of exposure and organization they’ll soon become popular and fleet numbers will grow so that nobody would consider building monohulls within ten years of such a programme.
  9. The more that get shot, the more freedom you have. Fuck yeah!
  10. Same with my Dubarry boots, the soles just up and left and when I contacted customer service they told me to buy a new pair. They weren’t interested in the slightest. Needless to say, didn’t buy Dubarry again. .
  11. If anyone knows the lowest moral levels of divisive politics it’s that cunt.
  12. Leigh is also a many-time competitor in the TdF a la voile so no stranger to Les Bleus.
  13. The halyard lock is done to reduce mast compression and allow the flex-controls of the rig to work effectively. Running a mouseline also helps reduce weight at the top of the mast but that is probably less of an issue on these than on bigger boats.
  14. V&B Mayenne is up for sale. Hopefully a fully stocked cave down below for the new buyer! https://www.bernard-gallay.com/buy-yacht-for-sale/v-and-b-mayenne For the British readers, this would be like having Oddbins or Threshers sponsoring an RTW boat!
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