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  1. Leigh is also a many-time competitor in the TdF a la voile so no stranger to Les Bleus.
  2. The halyard lock is done to reduce mast compression and allow the flex-controls of the rig to work effectively. Running a mouseline also helps reduce weight at the top of the mast but that is probably less of an issue on these than on bigger boats.
  3. V&B Mayenne is up for sale. Hopefully a fully stocked cave down below for the new buyer! https://www.bernard-gallay.com/buy-yacht-for-sale/v-and-b-mayenne For the British readers, this would be like having Oddbins or Threshers sponsoring an RTW boat!
  4. I think that is a optimistic for JLC personally. After compensation I would go: 1. Bestaven 2. Boris 3. Dalin 4. Burton 5. JLC 6. Ruyant
  5. The organisers have said they want to stream the finish live, hence me hoping it is daylight so we can see something in the coverage. I'm a short drive away from LSd'O so will be watching to see if the mairie gets his request granted that limited numbers of people can go there, even in the following days as the second, third and fourth groups come back in.
  6. I read somewhere that that is exactly what we'll be getting! I just hope they finish in daylight!
  7. I knew there were various reasons but couldn't remember the specifics, thanks. The no build-up time prior to the race would tally with him improving over the duration of the course, especially with a compromised sail plan. Good on him, he sounds like a true adventurer and sportsman. Hopefully he'll be back in the next edition with updated foils and a raft of upgrades.
  8. Didn't he have a lot of issues before getting to the SO which left him with the tail-enders? It's a brand new foiler i believe so he should be getting used to it by now.
  9. Exactly, he's a greedy little cunt with no care for anything else but Sir Lewis. They can get Russell in the car for 5 million and they will massively increase their brand exposure as a result, pushing the dollar value higher for less outgoing. Hamilton flaps his gums about nobody giving him a break as a black man in a white sport (that Ron Dennis is a bastard) but now he has his own formula E team he has picked a multi-millionaire white man to drive for him.
  10. When did LinkedOut change skipper?
  11. Funny you should say that, because the guitar tuner that I use is called....GuitarTuna. It's an app on the phone and is super accurate and easy to use. Plus, the kid's always going to have his phone with him right? You can use it in a browser too if you like: https://yousician.com/guitartuna
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