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  1. Sail gp looks dated like Jai Alai. It's a bunch of carpetbag pro sailors with a pseudo national team. It would work better if the boats were slower so skill and tactics takes over from waiting for an opponent to make a mistake. Sail GP is a TV show.
  2. Which team AM, ENTZ. LRP, INEOS is going to sell their first AC75 to ernesto bertarelli?
  3. Everybody chipped in with help/support for entz even the government. Gotta like that--- LUNA ROSA go home to a major virus lockdown and a dispute over vaccines. Sigh.
  4. ken read looks like a guy selling everybody 2 Mainsails- He is also glad there are no wings this cup.
  5. that Ineos grinder Freddie carr up in the helicopter yesterday had the most prescient calls- hope he is on board today.
  6. Sounds good the Royal Yacht Squadron cor. Over by Mossy sails homestead.
  7. Marian martin---She died before the big dogzilla/alinghi match- Ernesto Bertarelli must had been paying BYM to be so fawning.
  8. Massive respect for the grinders on both boats for leaving it all on the handles in that epic second race.
  9. Technology has changed since 2007- http://valenciasailing.blogspot.com/2007/06/americas-cup-match-day-0-alinghi-and.html
  10. Luna rossa peaking/peaked----------------ETNZ cresting. similar to Oracle 2013.
  11. nice initiative/product crashtack. I've always found the combination of sailing videos and music excruciating. That fleetwood song sounds as if they were listening to the Clash.
  12. You can throw up on salty seacock he is waiting for it.
  13. well said weta27- People in NZ are blessed that they don't wear masks everyday------ all this man-up insults complaining jibber jabber is why the world has so many problems.
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