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  1. The statement was a gratuitous swipe at NYYC.
  2. You might be focusing on the wrong party.
  3. I don't know, I can't read minds. What I do know is that releasing a draft, unenforceable protocol does absolutely nothing to contest the validity of the CoR. That can only happen in a court of law, and the NYYC never even sniffed the court. In fact, I think they confirmed at one point in the Dunphy drama that NYYC would not be challenging the validity of RYSL in court. Which also might explain why NYYC went through the time, effort, and expense of drafting a suggested protocol -- it was trying to influence the protocol that does come out between the Defender and CoR outside of co
  4. GGYC's challenge was followed by a lawsuit by GGYC contesting the validity of CNEV as the CoR, which was my point. In that context, issuing a challenge makes sense. Issuing a draft protocol is meaningless.
  5. How does releasing a draft, non-binding, and unenforceable protocol challenge RYSL? There is only one venue in which to challenge the validity of a CoR and none of it involves a press release.
  6. How is the NYYC "on track to send the AC to the courts"?
  7. That's more or less what happened in 2010. Once the court kicked CNEV to the curb, GGYC and SNG tried to settle on some basics for the next match, couldn't agree on anything, and basically said "f-it, see you at the line." In other words, it devolved into a Deed match rather than starting out that way.
  8. I certainly don't want to discourage or make it more difficult for someone to share some inside baseball. Given that Chobani used actual quotes, I was curious about the form of the alleged communication. Seems to indicate something more formal. In any event, I hope the quote is true.
  9. Okay. How does SailGP figure into the AC37 funding?
  10. I ask because I do not know: was there some report of schmoozing from TNZ with anyone from Spain about AC37 while the SailGP regatta was going on? I hadn't seen anything but I also barely had time to watch the regatta (delayed) this past weekend. Is the suggestion that somehow seeing sailboats bus around Cadiz was influential in helping Spain decide to invest money in AC37? That would seem odd. Spain has plenty of prior experience with the AC, so I'm not sure how SailGP would have any influence on that.
  11. I'm sure I've missed something but how did TNZ entering SailGP before AC36 was even held help gain TNZ funding for AC37?
  12. He’s describing all of professional sports.
  13. $8.260 billion. For Air Canada; or perhaps you meant: $836.21 million for Associated Capital Group, Inc. (symbol AC) No listing for the America's Cup. Probably because it's not a publicly-traded company. Anywhere. And therefore has no market capitalization. I'm sure this fact won't be a problem for you.
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