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  1. The former Julia B, no? Was based in the same harbor in the BVI, many years back. That extension looks a *little* less wild in person, if memory serves.
  2. Chris Morejohn has some skiff designs that might* be worth looking into. Here's one he designed/built as a do-it-all nester a couple decades ago: A bit more info and a bunch more pics can be found here, and a video of it running at speed here on instagram. *Not sure he's got plans available for it, unfortunately, as it seems to have the versatility you're after. His current design, evolved a couple generations from the one above, but intended specifically for power (6-15hp), is the Turbot 16/14/12. Plans are available, and building in multiple pieces has been given at least s
  3. I brought a 64'x16'x6.5' ketch to Oxford Boat Yard, on the eastern shore of MD, a couple different times. It's been many years, and they've since become part of Brewer/Safe Harbor as well, so can't speak to what you might experience now. That said, your boat should fit (web site says 9' at MLW in the marina; I'd want to confirm haul out slip...), and much of what you're interested in getting done falls within the scope of work I had done there and was happy with in the past. (No experience with mechanical there.)
  4. I ran that very boat in the BVI for a couple summers 20 years ago, and it was great. Not that it matters much this far down the line, but at the time it was the fastest and most reliable one in the fleet. Never sailed on or against a First near that size, but that generation Sun Odyssey, in general, sailed much better than any of the 50' charter options from Beneteau at the time, and better than the following Sun Odyssey generation, too.
  5. moreboats.com includes a line in listings with "last updated ____ and on the market since ______". Search function is also not great, but no worse than US yachtworld's now. Moreboats doesn't have as many listings, but many brokerages cross post boats from yw. I mainly use it for that date info and easier scrolling through pics.
  6. Some info on Barbara: https://www.mp-marine.com/voyager.html They generally spend a couple months or so based in GH, so you'll be neighbors for a bit if you're hanging there at the moment.
  7. j 4

    R2AK 2020

    Thanks for the news!
  8. Kim- First off, thanks so much for sharing this process with the lot of us. (After enjoying this thread for over a year, that was long overdue.) Second, I think your iPhone is, indeed, applying a filter to your photos. (You can see an example of them here.) When you've got your camera app open, look to the right of the shutter button (if you're holding the phone vertically) for the icon of three entwined circles. If you tap it, I believe the screen will show nine filtered versions of the view. Your pics look like they're getting the 'Process' filter. Select the center option to go back
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