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  1. My problem has mysteriously disappeared, the wind speed is working properly again. Hope it stays that way...
  2. At the dock it works fine for a while, then shows zero again for minutes, then it’s back to normal. I suspect the PCB, too…
  3. To the B&G gurus... I have a B&G Hydra 2000 system, with a 213 MHU. It's old (2004), but has been working fine until now. Now suddenly, the windspeed shows irregular values. Sometimes zero (even though the sensor at the mast head is rotating), sometimes correct, and yesterday it showed even values between 150 and 200 knots of windspeed (wind was at about 10 knots). I tried the test described here on page 3 (tapping black and violet wires together at the mastfood), and sure enough, there were windspeed values shown. https://www.hisse-et-oh.com/store/medias/sailing/5dd/2c3
  4. No more details available right now...
  5. They only said on the german news livestream that Boris has send a short message that he did hit a fishing boat. Only that, no more details.
  6. German TV coverage says Boris has hit a fishing boat...
  7. You could just splice the shock cord into the dyneema and taper the shock cord a bit, then put a whipping on it to secure the connection.
  8. Splicing bungee into the bridles is great, it really makes for a neat arrangement, the bridles don't flop around when not in use. See picture, the bungees are good visible there.
  9. I recommend asking Tinley Electronics if they have some sort of converter. They do a lot of converters NMEA/N2K/Fastnet, have a look at their site: https://www.tinleyelectronics.com/products.htm
  10. There is one up for sale in France: https://www.leboncoin.fr/nautisme/1774162389.htm/
  11. Same experience here. They fit well into regular handle holders.
  12. Is that a follow-up to the Airmar DST 900, which apparently never got on the market?
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