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  1. Also "Do you want to try and go to the Olympics?" and "Who do you want to sail with/against?" If the answer to the first question is "no", well, 49ers are great boats and I will forever <3 pure one-design sailing, but they're overwhelmingly sailed by early 20-somethings with O aspirations... If this is not you, consider your options! Skiffs and especially development classes like 14s do require a lot of knowledge convection to sail well. Having other well-sailed boats around is important to help you learn/develop your boat and yourself.
  2. It's sort of been said already but if you're accidentally gybing in conditions that will bring the boom across with enough force to cause injury, something that slows the boom down will probably capsize you instead. Better choice would be helmets (dad too, to set the example) and of course a careful eye to conditions before heading out. Though I don't wear a helmet myself I'm certainly supportive of the movement.
  3. Box end wrenches are handy as you can string them all together and snap shackle them to the stay to keep them onboard.
  4. High teens SOG on a 105 in SF. Into an ebb tide so even faster through the water!
  5. I have a hard time choosing between these two. Sadly she's no longer mine but she's being well taken care of (and raced hard) by her new crew.
  6. You should put some foils on it.
  7. Going great out here in SF Bay, 20+ boats on the line at any given regatta. Couple new owners in the fleet, and a couple more show up out of hiding for less competitive regattas like midwinters.
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