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  1. Very cool looking boat. I just can't help thinking it would have been a lot more appealing for anyone without a big bucks sponsorship if they had just kept the water ballast instead of the foils... or gone with a fully retracting DSS type foil assist...
  2. Depends. If the mainsail takes the correct shape, the distribution of stress within the sail is correct and whether this is achieved by a more or less vertically oriented mainsheet plus boom, or angled mainsheet alone is irrelevant. However, if you tend to extreme oversheeting of the main in the interest of forestay tension, you will pay a higher price with the boomless setup due to a main that is flatter as well as closed in the leech.
  3. How does a trimaran resist capsize from the pressure in the sails? By pushing the leeward ama down into the water. The amas have a much lower heave response amplitude than the main hull, so any action from beam seas is going to tend to throw the boat onto the leeward ama. So yes, the float rudders probably come out of the waves sometimes. But with far less regularity and far less severity than the main hull.
  4. I have the F-22 rudder. Makes no discernable difference to the situation I outlined.
  5. I only have a little F-24 and I sometimes encounter a swell wavelength and size that leaves me with very little mainhull/rudder in the water, even when reefed fairly conservatively. This usually starts to occur when the sea state is getting to the point where I am steering quite aggressively around the worst waves. If I get a set of these inconvenient waves, the 6-8 inches of rudder left in the water after the first one is inadequate to turn the boat in time for the next wave and the boat ends up getting a pretty hard smack. It can handle it, but I wish I had the control to avoid more of those
  6. Umm, Sodebo cut both floats off and moved them 80cm forward.
  7. There are some properties of high prismatic hulls, regardless of application, that are fairly well known and accepted. They include: -Lower Cr (wave making drag) at high Froude numbers (high speeds). -Increased longitudinal metacentric height. This mean better longitudinal stability at small pitch angles. As long as the prismatic stays reasonably high (ie one end or the other doesn't get submerged or lifted right out), this is true for larger pitch angles as well. Importantly, the area under the longitudinal stability curve goes up, meaning more energy is required to pitchpole. -Increase
  8. I got in touch with the Multihulls direct guys about the Farrier options they have - extremely fast, clear, and frank replies every time. Pricing came out pretty much in line with what I estimated self building to cost. I figure that makes sense. They are in a very low cost country, buying in bulk, and I am in a very high cost one, buying at retail. Everything I have learned from previous builders also indicates the you very rarely save much money in the end, you just spread the payment period out over more time. Personally, I suffer from an odd dementia where I would like to build a boat
  9. dingleberries

  10. Hole. E. Sheeit! Pure boat porn, that is what I am talking about!
  11. +1 More eye candy and hot news on the 22, 85, and 32SR please!
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