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  1. The irony is that the shipping company is owned by a family which is member of the same yacht club in Hamburg as Boris is.
  2. Halyard in front of the jib creates a nice turbulence. It would be interesting to calculate how much this turbulence effects the speed in upwind mode?
  3. very interesting to compare speeds on AIS (as long as they are in reach to the internet). The IMOCAS are around 11-15 and RB3 (Hugo Boss) averaging 2 kts more. We'll find out if it's just a sweet spot or if she can sustain this advantage
  4. In a very similar sea state MIRAGE lost her 4 year old mast from Ballenger when the T hook of the lower side stay broke 30 mi south of Key West. We figured the hook must have had a glitch in production. It really doesn't matter how new the rig is.
  5. That looks very much like the aftermath of a large breaking wave. A photo 10 seconds after this photo would have probably clarified this
  6. Nice shots from KW. - Jeff Vader

  7. http://forums.sailinganarchy.com/index.php?showtopic=89551&view=findpost&p=2259891 Kohinoor Cowes 1973
  8. Revolution is in mind, revolution is in hell, but dont forget youre real way, sorry had a dune moment there

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