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  1. We cruise with a bunch of CS30s. There are differences between all of them. Sometimes it seems CS used whatever was available to get a boat out the door. I'm not knocking CS. They are all great boats and well equipped but there are differences.
  2. The museum at Cape Canaveral is well worth a trip. Aka Kennedy Space Center https://www.kennedyspacecenter.com/
  3. You can also attach a hose to the vent and lead it out to a vent for energy engine compartment. That made the boat livable for us until I rebuilt the engine.
  4. There is a great discussion about the mast bend on the DNA at the beginning of this thread. Not sure where the thread drifted to after that.
  5. ...or if it's full of Heavy Water
  6. Sounds like an episode of Road Kill
  7. I have often thought of pushing the boat, on its cradle put onto the winter ice, ready for "auto launch" in yhe spring
  8. py26129


    Present! Well played, sir.
  9. Depemding on where the holes are located, you could put a machine screw through the hole and call it done. let the next owner wonder why its there.
  10. The mast looks offset too. Must either be a perspective thing or a 21 century design principle only a few understand.
  11. py26129

    New Music

    Awesome. I'll have to yell my 25 year old, who announced a few months ago that she had discovered a great band, she was sure we had never heard of. Jethro Tull
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