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  1. Thinking of Hotbot in these troubled times and sending good vibes. Many thanks to Boomer for the updates topo
  2. The smell from those wood chips must be just wonderful.
  3. If you scroll to the bottom of the page, there is a "Theme" drop down. I've tried the top two and they will add a menu to the top of the page where you can access your account, notifications etc.
  4. We bought our boat on the hard. We tested the engine & transmission engagement using a bucket and hose and we spent 6 hours going over the boat from stem to stern. We did not stipulate an in the water trial but did include a clause about a few things that we expected to work and had doubts about. I am well aware that this is not the recommended aporiach but it was right for us given the boat and a seller with integrity.
  5. This is a very cool thread. Thank you for sharing, Pertsa
  6. Perdido key, near Fort McRee, Pensacola. We escaped the snow for a week around Christmas 2016 and came back again the following year. Thats the family by the dink. We pretty much had the place to ourselves.
  7. Not sure whats better but I like the splice. Keeps the transition from chain to rode small and easy to get over the bow roller.
  8. Anchored off the beach near Wellington, on Lake Ontario last summer
  9. Too funny. That story sounds very familiar. 2019, in the 1000 Islands we are anchored and some friends finally arrive , on their first trip. The first boat anchors and, after checking with them that they are comfortable, we bring the to our boat for a celebratory drink. No sooner that they have arrived and settled down, a big nasty black cloud arrives and a squall hits. We look astern to see our friends boat receding downwind. Our friends wife is very distraught, at this point. I jumpmintomour dinghy with our friend. Thankfully, the "mighty" 3.3 outboard fires right up and we c
  10. I run with a garmin handheld (Gpsmap 76 CSX) at the helm. It can be powered, either by the AAs 12v or USB. When we brought the boat from Lake Michigan to Montreal, the 12V power at the helm didn't work. Replacing AAs was quick and easy. I also have an old laptop running OpenCPN for those times when i want a bigger screen but it does not see the light of day too often.
  11. We too are planning to spend some time there in a few years, after i retire. Ive been there twice before. Once on a weeks charter on a Bristol 40 and, many years later on a cruise on the Taber.
  12. My wife is waiting on knee replacements. She is pretty bad on the boat and has to be careful how she moves so that she does not aggravate her knees. Would getting the knee done and going a year later when your back in good shape be an option for you? Food for thought
  13. Ah, I see. Auto deployment! Somebody obviously thought this through. Thanks Ish
  14. Just one question? How do you reach the life ring?
  15. Ping me if you need crew. I'm at your club
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