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  1. Mother nature wants her boats back!
  2. She fell in love with a sailor and he got blown offshore.
  3. Being in Quebec, the plastic bags have been a fact of life for 30+ years. If you can drink milk straight from the jug, you can learn to drink from the bag too.
  4. When the Virgin Galactic flight reached space, this past Saturday, the announcer said: "This is Virgin territory now". I'm thinking, not for long:
  5. ^^^ you're not alone Shaggy
  6. Run a line from the anchor rode to a cleat at the aft end of to boat. When you tighten it, it will put the boat on an angle and stop the yawning. This works a treat until the wind dies. Then it makes a hell of a mess wrapped around your keel and rudder.
  7. You could really screw with his mind by swapping in a Porsche engine like:
  8. In my experience, shit comes in lumps. We just went through a stretch like that, in the last year. I know that this does not make things any easier but I'm sending lots of good vibes their way. When you're in hell, just keep going!!!
  9. I use a version of Ish's system above. Cheap, easy and works well
  10. My buddy, who works in aviation, described a helicopter as a collection of spare parts flying in roughly the same direction
  11. I found knee pads on ours. Aside from "private activities" I had no idea why. The reason became clear when the time came to do the teak toe rails.
  12. ^^^^^^ that. It's cheap at any hardware store, and it works a treat. Plus you can use it to clean resin residue off the deck, from the buds that trees shed in the spring. Grrr
  13. Domo arigato Mr. Hotbotto? Ok, I'll close the door as I leave
  14. Dylan, thank you for the update. I'm glad to hear you prevailed over the buggery
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