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  1. Forgot to mention that the bulb is supposed to weigh 500#; melted 600 cause you can't get the drum completely empty and the mold might leak a bit out the seams (it didn't - lots of bolts torqued down tight)
  2. After more than 2 weeks of rain almost every day, I got a weather window today to pour the 20 footer bulb! 10% chance of precipitation in the afternoon, so starting the set-up at 10 and fired up the burner by 11AM. Of course it started to sprinkle almost immediately, so deployed some plywood rain covers to the drum and mold. Only took two hours and 1/2 tank of propane to melt 600# of lead; better cooker with thicker brick wall, burner up right next to the bottom of the drum, and 20 degrees warmer outside than previous pour. Only needed help splitting the sandmold and removing th
  3. Bulb plug in the sand casting flask; could pour this week if the rain stays away.
  4. forgot to add this photo; stbd half under the bag. About to start pot half right now.
  5. In the meantime, despite some wildly fluctuating weather, the 20's getting some attention. Have the bulb plug finished and it's in the flask getting the sand crammed onto it (photos later). Rudder molds finally ready; added a plywood base to keep them straight, and laminated a couple layers of glass tape onto the leading edge to make a rebate for a joining laminate. Made a paper pattern for the material cutting; seems like an extra step, but reduces the time and potential F-Ups when your doing the laminate and rushing to get the bag on. Pattern gets used 6 times: P&S DB mate
  6. Not quite ready; got a few tweaks to do.
  7. Forest is a great dog and much gentler than Robert the parrot who was there for most of this build.
  8. Also designing a 32 foot boat for double handed racing. Scaled up GP with specific details for DH racing. Looking at the competition; this is will be easy.
  9. Forest goes home this weekend so the Twenty will get more attention. Sweet pup, which is a good thing, considering the size of his jaws!
  10. Not so much the format change as a bunch of other jobs to take care of. Engines back in the 34 footer; sound insulated the engine box which involved a week of "boat Yoga" crammed into the bilge with a plywood frame thing jammed into my ribs. Turned out nice - looks like new. Also setting up for a trailer and need to build the bunks. Latest "toy" is a laser level; resisted buying the $500 one I wanted and trying a $200 thing which seems okay for very basic tasks. Then there was the 42 footer that had a anchoring system in need of help; little bit of grinding, marks on the chain, stret
  11. 20's rudder halves covered with teflon tape and ready for mold laminate
  12. Far as I know, T4 is still on the hard in Pt Townsend. Keel bulb has been attached to the fin, and they were prepping for bottom paint. In the water soon?
  13. Been a bit difficult this week; temps well below freezing doesn't work well for epoxy resin cure. Since the bulb is symmetrical top and bottom, I only needed to shape one half. I set that part on my table and built a mold from it; needed a little bit of repair at the edges (normal stuff). Laminated a part in that mold - super resin rich so hopefully it will be nice and smooth when it comes out. Overnight, the part was quite soft and came into our home to get warm for a day; it's upstairs in the hallway.
  14. Engine move done, I finished facetting the other rudder half today; bulb in foreground got a laminate on it to make a mold for the other half of the bulb plug. Detail shows my method for tracking small final foam facets on rudder core; these are really small areas and it takes a gentle approach. I mark the area to be sanded with a pencil so I can track when I'm getting close to my lines.
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