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  1. Forgot to mention the solar post curing for the boom parts works great. Last time I di d that was in Hawaii. Vermont is becoming the sun-belt with all the global warming going on. Guess you need to be here to understand how that's working . . .
  2. On the GP 26 we normally leave the jib up downwind; it's a nice staysail. It also prevents the spinnaker hanging up on the forestay during a gybe. + +
  3. Sailplan is developing now D20 Sailplan Rev13Oct21.pdf
  4. getting back to work . . . Laminated boom halves in GP 26 mold; used the front and back molds to get a boom 3 meters long x 160mm deep; the front half will be the bottom of the boom with a soft radius so easy on spinnaker sheets. Before trimming, gluing, adding end reinforcements, and an extra 200gsm (6oz) carbon covering laminate, we're at 7 lbs, 2 oz. Expect to be just under 10 pounds finished Built the joining plates using the 34 footer's boom as a "mold". Extending the repaired Melges 24 mast 950mm to facilitate steeping the mast on the keel frame; it's better for the mas
  5. Just back from a trip to West Coast to visit Moms and drive a car back to Vermont; took the northern route through Canada; vaccination/test requirements are very strict, and only saw 3 other US license plates after driving 3500 miles in Canada. Brought my table and chop saws back with me, and a roll of carbon. Looking forward to getting some shit accomplished now!
  6. I'll work on that and get some stuff posted soon
  7. 20 moved back into the shed today; needs a good cleaning inside and out. Hopefully it'll stay inside all winter and finally get finished!
  8. It's a foam-cored shear web; it's not there as a stiffener, but to join the blades sides so they act like an "I-beam". The UD stiffening laminate is all in the blade skins. I was going to add a full covering laminate to the blade, but the bugger was so stiff I didn't; see any need for it.
  9. I leave the leading edge off the structural fin, and add a foam LE piece w/kelp cutter tube. This keeps the forward bond protected by this sacrificial LE part.
  10. Here's some photos from the past few weeks putting the rudder together. Finished weight: 9.25# (cursor got in the way on that screen shot)
  11. Rudder's put together now - will post pics soon.
  12. Sorry but wrapped up with lots of stuff; we were in Maine to do the Eggemoggin Reach Race on Aug 7th. Boat went in the water Thursday noon, did the race on Saturday (3rd in class w/crappy rating) and back on the trailer Monday. The race is run by Wooden Boat magazine and very well attended; maybe 150 boats? I thought I'd experienced sailing around lobster/crap pots in the Chesapeake and Florida; Maine takes that to a whole new level! We snagged one at the top mark when we were dealing with a spinnaker SNAFU; had to back down in the middle of the set to clear the pot off the rudder. F
  13. Bonded the bunk laminate to the plywood with a couple layers of Carbon DB, and added a 4" wide strip where the bolts go to improved bearing strength and make a kind of backing plate so the washers won't compress the plywood. Found some 3/8" higher density EVA foam and doubled it up for the pads; expect it'll compress some by the time the boat gets to Maine. Nobody at the yard just walks by this boat; spend more than a little time answering "what is it?".
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