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  1. Look closely at that frame, you will see the tow rope pulling the sailboat. hard to see on the you tube but was obvious on the TV
  2. You can also just use your mouth and a short hose.
  3. Helps if you put the sail on right side up. It's on sideways
  4. Not sure why you feel the Nomad is too small inside? Its a foot longer than the other 2 +/- and has the bow seating when the jib is furled. They have at least as much space as the 16.5 Plus the cooler in the floor and the GNAV make them more spacious than older boats. They have a pretty good sailplan, but are heavy. They do move pretty well with the Assym up. I have seen upward of 7 people in them, 4 should be easy.
  5. Also Dyneema is better in chafing locations. Sounds like not around a sheave but it will fuzz quick if chafed. Dyneema will also chafe but slower and give you more warning (very fuzzy) before letting go.
  6. Linky https://tanzer16.org/wp-content/uploads/2016/12/Tanzer16Manual.docx https://tanzer16.org/tanzer-16-handbook/
  7. Retreval line is on the inside?
  8. But the Force 5, OK, and Banshee, all competed (and lost) to the Laser years ago. Just so happens in this case the better boat (Aero) finally won. (or at least on the way) The rest of the RS while similar to others, in reality are totally different boats in the same space.
  9. I think that't was the reasoning behind the Waterrat mast fitting. With the outside face vertical it can be max projection and still be easily measured. The spiro you have to measure the ball as part of the pole and it sits back in the fitting so you would lose 5-10mm. Probably makes zero difference but Larry would notice.
  10. Roy Im not in Western Aus. Cannot see all the avatar info on the phone. I'm in Washington (WA) Sorry of any confusion. But I do know there are a bunch of 505s in Fremantle. Worlds were there 2 years ago.
  11. I did a demo sai on one of the early ones in the 80s. The amount of movement below deck in small waves was remarkable and a bit disconcerting. Now at the time the decor was fresh and relavent but probbaly didn't age well. Very Miamii vice.
  12. There are 2 in Seattle. Both go out occasionally. One used to race but not in years. One has the newer "stacked" coach roof, the other the older more traditional spaceship looking one
  13. There are fleets in Seattle Bellingham and Port Townsend. Plus 3-4 boats elsewhere around the state. We are racing in Bellingham next weekend.10+ boats
  14. 7.4 Spinnaker Pole (s) 11 7.4.1 The spinnaker pole(s) length shall not exceed 2516mm. The spinnaker pole fitting projection shall not exceed 50mm. 7.4.2 Spinnaker Poles shall be constructed of materials as required for Masts under 7.1.3. Carbon Fibre Composite material is permitted. 7.4.3 Twin Spinnaker Poles are permitted.
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