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  1. I have 5/16" for the MS mainly for grip. Tapered down to 1/8" for the bridle. 1/4" or 3/16" I think for the jib. No ratchets on the jib, Ratchamatic on the Main and spin sheets. Spin sheets are 9mm tapered and then spliced into 4mm dyneema at the end. Guys are 3mm dyneema. Experimented with 2.5mm dyneema on the guys, but they melted at the end, made getting the spin off difficult and were hard on the hands when sit running. But didn't drag the chute down in really light stuff. Most of the lines are Marstrom Excel racing. Main is Robline (don't remember which one but has really
  2. many boats have adjustable forestay and pins in the shrouds. Set the base tension when rigging using the pins and tighten the rig with the forestay. Or as above if the jib has integral luff wire us the jib halyard with some purchase to get tension.
  3. We have lots of Lidos in the PNW. Nice little boat. Seats 3-4 depending on size and wind. Lots of family racing as well as spouse here
  4. I'll weigh in on the Synology. Its super easy to manage and the sync function for remotes is flawless. Buy a large 4 or more bay version for the master and smaller ones for the remotes and sync only what they need for work. Saves bandwidth and overall cost. All the Architects that are remote that I know are using these now. Buy the enclosure and find the drives you want. SSD is good but pricey we have WD red 10k rpm plus 1tb Nvme for cache.
  5. Makes sense I think the few times it happened the RC pointed it out so they could do turns. We are 360 as well for most penalties.. Mark rounding and a couple others are still 720
  6. One of the local clubs has separate start and finish. Finish is below and to starboard of the start line. Requires a second boat but also does not take as much space as putting the lines below the leeward mark. Curious why 10%? Do we need to do math on the course to determine position? Two turns is probably in that ballpark for a short course and it makes compliance visible to everyone.
  7. Our club has done this for years. Used to be unwind or DSQ. Now its 2 turns prior to the next mark and you are good. People ran afoul and they didn't do it ALL the time so there was some confusion open or closed?? This way the penalty is correctable without heroics
  8. Jack stands will go right through those pavers unless you prep the ground. Compact 2" crushed rock. Might consider a crib of 4x4 PT on the pavers to spread the load. Jack the corner up build a crib and set back down. You can use shims to set level at each corner.
  9. But the employee manual states that people shall live their life righteously. The women who as fired is a Christian who does not believe Pre-marital sex is a sin and that she and her male partner are living righteously. So even among Christians the beliefs vary widely Plus if she worked for the Church, not the financial advisors I would say she has no standing.
  10. Here's another reason not to work for an overtly Christian corporation https://www.msn.com/en-us/news/crime/can-you-be-fired-over-your-sex-life-dave-ramsey-thinks-so/ar-BB1f3U4W?ocid=UP21DHP&li=BBnbfcL
  11. Tried really hard to burn up my Ryobi oscillating tool cutting a hole in my 50yo doug fir siding last year. Went through 4 blades and it overheated and shut down 3 times but got through and still works just fine. (Plus drained 2 large batteries)
  12. Have many Ryobi 18v tools. Have had first set for 7 years. Drill is stating to show wear. so replaced with the brushless Hammer drill. Works great. Also have the 12v Milwaukee driver because its so small, easy to get into tight spots and fits well into the toolbox. Battery lasts for ever. I have about 14 different Ryobi tools 4 batts. All have lasted and run great, but I also like the Milwaukee stuff as well, but its much more pricey. So for Ryobi Drill ++ Brushless Hammer Drill +++ (unstoppable) Sawzall + (A bit weak) Circular Saw ++ Multi tool ++
  13. In WA it is. Before we had ours converted to Gas, our Oil CO maintained the tank. When we bought they inspected the tank determined it was not leaking in or out and since they dipped it 3-5 times a year they were in the best place to manage. Had the tank leaked the state policy paid for remediation up to a certain amount if I recall. But my neighbor was on the same program and when he pulled his tank there were a ~couple gallons in the dirt. He had ceased oil filling for a while so was on the hook himself. We had ours foamed to stay blissfully ignorant.
  14. Never could figure out of the Clark in Ontario is or was a change of ownership from Clark here in WA. Clark in WA made the C-Lark, Lido 14 and many of the San Juan keelboats. Plus provided Clark foam to Santa Cruz for surfboards and dinghies in the 70s and 80s
  15. Had a minor car accident, and filed a claim just to make sure I was covered, agents office call the next day to make sure everything was good. Note this was in Jan 2021 so covid was full on. In the 90s our apartment complex burned and our agent called us the next morning and had a claim already started. Saw it on the news and checked addresses. So your agent should be calling or at least responding
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