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  1. always down on my boat. UNLESS big wind at the dock and cannot get true head to wind. Then it will sail and make raising the main impossible.
  2. I would imagine the O30 moves pretty well under human power. I have seen them zooming around with the OB running. The merit surprised me though. Good on them to get it to work. In regard to local knowledge, I noticed all the top boats went down Colvos(?) and back up Colvos, and all used Swinommish instead of trying deception
  3. Who would have predicted that 2 <30' monohulls would be 1-2
  4. https://www.mcmaster.com/rivets/nickel-flush-mount-blind-rivets/ Used to have a number of sizes but looks like they are down to 3/16. I have some 1/8" 3/16 and 1/4" I got from them Make sure you have a good strong rivet gun they are hard to pull
  5. all the boats here in PS I raced on in the past 20y have had Dyneema lifelines. Even boats I raced on in the 90s had dyneema lowers and wire uppers. we all hang fenders from the lines and I have stood on them as well. Near a stanchion for sure. Most boats I have seen recently with wire also use lashing to tension so that would be the weak point. Never had a dyneema break while hiking, but had a few wire break when the whole crew leaned on them (lower) All were failures of the fitting or the wire loop on the pulpit (or pushpit) don't remember which failed
  6. The west hardener gets dark after a while and the final product will be yellow brown. If you are covering it NP but it looks really ugly compared to new stuff. The resin is basically unlimited. Warm it up and should be good. However testing is also good to ensure it kicks properly
  7. I assume the lazy jacks are not too highly loaded. I always use Monel on my mast fittings. With a liberal coating of Lanocote
  8. Problem is that Fisheries is OUT of most of the marlow stock and does not know an ETA on when it will be back. Even the Samson is getting hard for them to source. No fault of theirs for sure, but they are out of so much rope its really hit or miss They also do not carry the full Marlow line and currently in a single color and 2 sizes of each type of rope. Yes i can order a spool but that is way too much for my needs. Took a look a Vela and am going to put an order in see if they are having the same shipping issues as Fisheries (and many others as well)
  9. Anyone have a good source for Marlow rope as well? Used to get it from APS. Local chandlery has some but not all, and often out of stock. Would like to order some and not have to get a whole spool.
  10. And it will be lumpy. Not due to wind but all the powerboats that will be around. Everyone in MI owns at least 1 powerboat.
  11. How do you update your Synology if not internet facing? I have remote access off and its behind a pretty good firewall. I also keep it and the Firewall up to date but we use Elephant Drive for cloud backup. But the NAS can contact Synology and get updated etc. So can ED. If they got into that and triggered a restore with Trojan attached it probably could get in. strong passwords everywhere daily logging so it might be obvious but how they got in is scary.
  12. Looks like a nice boat but weights much more than a taser or L2
  13. +1 on the PVC pipe. Ensures you don't cross or wrap halyards inside the mast
  14. I used the waterat double pole fitting. It's bonded to the mast using 5200 and has 2 rivits but is much taller than the old Spiro. Holes are inline vertical. No problems so far in 6 years
  15. Having recently gone through years of youth sailing and HS sailing, it wasn't too bad up here. HS is great, no parents or coaches on the water. Really makes the sailors think for themselves and work though the problem. There was always a few bad parents in the youth sailing, but for the most part, everyone kept their distance. The real problems were the parents with big stinkboats coming from other locations and feeling it was their right to tie up where the sailboats did. Got very indignant when told that was sail only. Frankly most of the teams worked together. Always a few new
  16. We have lots of female drivers with both mid-boom 4:1 and transom sheeting (1:1) and they do great. A couple boats have 2:1 transom sheeting like a 49er for easier effort. But I have also run the main from the wire works fine.
  17. Ryan I'm biased because I own and Race a 505. But its a great fleet to grow and learn in. NA's are in Newport this year so you will see 30-50 boats (normal for a non-covid year) in Sept. You and your wife are the right size (not really a wrong per se) and there are many spouse teams. What I will say is the boat is easy to sail hard to sail well. Takes time energy and practice to sail well. BUT the 505 sailors are some of the nicest and open group I have sailed with. No secrets cheating etc. Even very few protests. We tend to work it out on the water. Every regatta has a debrie
  18. Not a sidewheeler but a historic ship none the less https://www.virginiav.org/ Right next to MOHAI and CWB Both are open but check for plague requirements
  19. Really like my 2013 explorer, but the new one has design and build issues. I like the rwd and the 10 speed but for the money the Kia 8s a way better vehicle. Probably going to replace mine with a Ranger in a few years
  20. Till you take a full on wave that is 50d Cures your heat stroke real quick.. But in light air where that is unlikely I only wear the bottoms because the boat does get water in it and feet and lower legs get cold even in the heat. Can be tough to make the call. Going out in 10-15 full wetsuit only to have the wind die mid day and you are dying in the wetsuit.
  21. Here in Seattle water is always 50s air can be 80s. I wear my farmer john down around my waist and rashguard and spray top on top in heavier breeze, just spray top in light. I have a zhik and fine with short immersions in hot weather. Didn't get wet except for legs when launching
  22. The auto system uses a ball on the spin halyard which goes up with the halyard and pulls the upper trap up taking tension off the lowers. You can use the old spin halyard sheave or an external block riveted to the mast
  23. Simplest way is to eyestrap to the upper location and run twings out the old t ball locations. Have to remember to put them on at the leeward mark and off at windward but they work and are cheap
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