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  1. Popped my Mackinac cherry on an O30. Race record was set that year. Good times.
  2. Red Circle (J111, 40.7, Farr40, etc). Saturday of the Verve. Heartbreaker's spin douse at the start of the first race. That was beyond boat porn. It was high def dvd yachting porn. Fucking beautiful.
  3. Jesus Christ. Go home Sailflow, you're drunk.
  4. That's often referred to as DP in a certain nefarious industry.
  5. If the forecast is shit a week out, then it's accurate. But if it's promising or even pleasant, then it's wrong.
  6. Username seems apropos for this year's race.
  7. What ever it is going to be, it will change 1,372 times before the actual start. #15 for me.
  8. Pretty proud to have sailed on her, if only for one season. Did bow when that nasty storm blew through in the 2011 Mac. Never saw light like that in the sky. Saw her last fall on a trip to Santa Cruz. Personally, I was a little sad to see her in that state.
  9. Bit of a light show on the trip to St. Joe last night. Anyone got any good video? Also, what was up with the RC boat setting off flairs after some boats had finished?!?
  10. Got a pretty cool regatta picture and was wondering if anyone had experience getting an original painting based on a photograph? Any artists in the Area III network? I was going to post as a new topic in SA but thought I'd try to see if there were any local artists first.
  11. we had 110 TWA. gusty, lots of ease, hike, trim, but the lake was flat. good time.
  12. Makes me think about the sea boot story.... Not sure if I know that one. But to contribute to stories, I did a mac with Pik on a J105 ('06 or '07, I think). Blew 25kts DDW. Didn't know you could drive a sprit boat by the lee. Pik did it. Haven't seen that since.
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