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  1. Bump. Chicago lost a true fixture in the community today: Blair Ross. Eight bells my friend.
  2. Bang up post. Way to contribute. Also, grammar and spelling.
  3. Ever notice how the preferable forecasts never seem to hold, but any forecast of it being upwind tends to be accurate?
  4. Popped my Mackinac cherry on an O30. Race record was set that year. Good times.
  5. Red Circle (J111, 40.7, Farr40, etc). Saturday of the Verve. Heartbreaker's spin douse at the start of the first race. That was beyond boat porn. It was high def dvd yachting porn. Fucking beautiful.
  6. Pretty proud to have sailed on her, if only for one season. Did bow when that nasty storm blew through in the 2011 Mac. Never saw light like that in the sky. Saw her last fall on a trip to Santa Cruz. Personally, I was a little sad to see her in that state.
  7. Bit of a light show on the trip to St. Joe last night. Anyone got any good video? Also, what was up with the RC boat setting off flairs after some boats had finished?!?
  8. Got a pretty cool regatta picture and was wondering if anyone had experience getting an original painting based on a photograph? Any artists in the Area III network? I was going to post as a new topic in SA but thought I'd try to see if there were any local artists first.
  9. we had 110 TWA. gusty, lots of ease, hike, trim, but the lake was flat. good time.
  10. Makes me think about the sea boot story.... Not sure if I know that one. But to contribute to stories, I did a mac with Pik on a J105 ('06 or '07, I think). Blew 25kts DDW. Didn't know you could drive a sprit boat by the lee. Pik did it. Haven't seen that since.
  11. JT and Pik in the last month. Two pillars of Chicago sailing. Fair winds...
  12. +1 I'll never forget my first beercan (and first time racing, ever): coming in, I asked a fellow crewmember if we owed any money to the boat owner. I was first laughed at, then had explained to me that my payment should come in the form of hard work and a good attitude. If I brought some beer to share with everyone else, well all the much better. I couldn't believe it: I just got to enjoy a kickass sailboat race against the backdrop of the skyline during a sunset and all I had to provide was some beer? How many other people know that? Get that story out there.
  13. You have been gone a while. Sprit boats are the large asteroid to us dinosaurs.
  14. That's an interesting perspective. I tend to think the opposite, but that certainly doesn't mean I'm right. My theory is that there are all these sailboat owners (or potential owners) who are somewhat intimidated by the thought of a starting line and mark roundings with 20 other boats. So the boring booze cruises introduce them to "sailing-lite" where they can get a taste of competition. If they want to move up the chain into faster more competitive classes and events, they're free to do so. If you're lucky, 1 out of 4 will do so. Glenn, correct me if I'm wrong, but your approach is
  15. For too long we have had paralysis by analysis. What single factor has been missing? S-a-l-e-s. No one (across the entire U.S. too) is selling sailboat racing. Pick up a sales book, a marketing book, none of these are occurring. How do thousands of boats in the harbors just sit there week in and week out. How do they even have a clue that they can come out and play with the racing crowd? Of course it isn't for everybody, but even 50 boats or 100 boats new to racing than sit back and just expect new customers to walk up and say, "Hi!" And taking a novice and throwing them to the w
  16. JC's a highly sought after Cat-1 sailor. Two North American championships this year.
  17. how in the hell is there not more yelling during this video?!?
  18. Saw an RIP post on Irish Driver's FB page. Anybody have info on that?
  19. never posted a pic on SA before, am I missing something or is it not intuitive? (pic of the power boat at Crowley's that was getting bashed up against the wall in the video above)
  20. OUCH! That WAS a very nice expensive but ugly looking boat. fixed
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