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  1. It has been very interesting visiting here after 2 years of sailing, at first I thought this click of SA forum was pretending to be a bit stupid but I am now sure you are self stroking your big egos and are morons that know not a wee bit about the sea or your ass. so I am back to the real would and sailing, I will check back in a year or 2, good luck you will be needing it, love Dave
  2. I have never been inside an ALDIs sitting on the corner waiting for a taxi after searching all day for boat parts. if you know me this photo is BS. lol
  3. thank you sailing anarchy, I made a bet that I would post this here and would get 95% negative dumb replies, so 50 bucks in my pocket. this is the only website I have come across, that has this many mental health issues, please get out of your man caves turn off CNN news wipe off the drool dribble down your chin, and go out into the sun and fresh air, have someone take you out boating you may find it fun and good for your mind. when you want to be sailors would like to learn sailing look me up.
  4. Hi Zonker Mocking Ads on Craigslist This is looking, so sad to see all the same old faces on here and now they are only left with mocking cars. but the good news is LABORA and me have been sailing the shit out of the sea for the last 2.5 years now, WOW what an Adventure, of course, all the armchair sailors on here said no way,
  5. ATLANTIC CROSSING we are in Cape Verde going to BRAZIL and or Caribbean Puerto Rico. Duration: Ongoing - crossing 6-8 weeks So a new adventure begins, but the desire remains the same: to explore places not yet discovered by mass tourism, where it is possible to establish genuine relationships with the people on board, allowing our gaze to turn to other cultures and enrich our own. The crew is usually formed by persons of different nationalities and different backgrounds. The sensation of freedom that you feel on the ship is more unique than rare. This place will become your home and the bo
  6. Sailing Partners Wanted - Be Part of the Adventure - $20000 The s/v LABORA is up and sailing from last month heading south from Denmark to the Mediterranean, with plenty of people participating and joining the club to learn seamanship. We've also had several Club members join as trustees contributing a fair amount of cash to upgrade and keep the boat going as a sailing school and adventure sailing to far off corners, just to let all of you anarchist know that the project is working quite nicely, regardless of all the mud throwing and negative attitude on here. https://www.libert
  7. I must say Auf Wiedersehen the weather has cleared up in the north country I must go back to work, one more month we will be sailing. Wishing you all the best perhaps one day you can find a project and leave sailing anarchy mocking Craigslist forum for something more interesting and a life.
  8. Where are you getting this stupid idea of gifting, are you people not capable of reading and understanding simple English. $150 will not buy groceries in the U.S. for a week. To run and operate a vessel of this type takes hundreds of hours teaching people how to do the trade work rigging and sailing is worth something. Otherwise, you're giving it away and people like you do not appreciate anything for free it would be a waste of time. at a running cost over $300,000 at this point, you guys can be absurdly dense, again GOD disbursed the common sense very sparsely in this group. I'm sure
  9. I knew an old guy Markham, he sailed around the world twice, each time he made his own 70 foot catamaran in the jungles of Guatemala where he salvaged equipment off the reefs between Honduras and Guatemala to outfit the boat, he didn't throw a bunch of money out and buy a production boat and sail around the world, big deal
  10. Let's see a bunch of pompous old fraters living on their past Glory, you should get off the short bus you have been riding, climb on to a sailing ship and do something interesting, instead of sitting on your keyboard cackling like a bunch of old hens,
  11. Are there any man on the site or just a bunch of whiners
  12. The odds are quite high actually most people work for somebody and keep traditional hours so it's a pretty safe bet, unlike myself I've been self-employed for the past 40 years and keep my own hours
  13. I'm referring to most people on this post, just be a wild guess
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