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  1. We always called it a ”Chinese gybe”
  2. Idiotic spelling-thingie, you might mistakineingeiemeeie for thattahey otheiey blokeiyeie
  3. I’m moving to France tomorrow
  4. I quite like the Bertram Moppie 28.
  5. No, screw terminal on each pin. This is the Fix It Anarchy ! Open up and make it good again.
  6. Soldering is not needed. There are seal caps available that also functions as opening tool, but a small plier works just fine. (soldering comes with the 9-pole version, but not for the 6- pole ) And no, it is more likely that there are Seatalk and 0183 rather than N2k
  7. Connector is a Bulgin Buccaneer. Classed as IP65 when completed with a matching mate. There are screw terminals inside. Open up by removing the ring holding the terminal block and of course the cable seal. LeCanard
  8. Hi all, Anyone knows where to get a B&G Horos , working or not? LeCanard
  9. Nothing on this planet will ever be of the B&G greybox quality, which is actually a curse for B&G as it is part of their history that the are never going to live up to again.
  10. No need to bother with brown and yellow. They are for backlight and remote. Keep isolated and unconnected. LeCanard
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