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  1. The depth transducer will most likely not work with another system than B&G. Two reasons: different frequency and it being a low impedance thingie.
  2. a Global GF34 .... in the kitchen.
  3. I see now that we aren't located too far from eachother.. I am a zero-eight too. PM me
  4. I very much doubt the checksum is the problem. More likely to be something like the valid flag in the later versions of VTG. But I need to drag my test h2000 out from its dusty corner of the workshop and hook it up to a terminal so I can send different versions to it, to verify this.
  5. The NMEA input consists of an optocoupler. See it as a LED shining on a transistor to get galvanic isolation. The Signal return is simply the cathode of the LED and NOT gnd or B-. So you connect that to the TX-. The A and B thing often creates misunderstandings, as the A/B from the RS422 point is opposite to the A/B of NMEA0183. The pair is always eachothers compliment, so both of them can be +5V and 0V but never at the same time. If you dont get it working, first thing is to reverse polarization. The LED inside the optocoupler will flash either way, but only one is readabl
  6. as ryley pointed out, AIS baudrate is 38400, so check the settings i the plotter
  7. They're saving your friends, Snaggs
  8. the worst place to play badminton at ever !
  9. Don't buy a Fiat X1/9 looks fun but is a piece of crap.
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