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  1. Go the Sara!! She won the Vice Kids Poland competition last night. While I am not the biggest Whitney Houston fan, Sara sings the song incredibly well. And she's only 12 years old! She won 50,000 zloty, about $13,000 and a recording contract with Universal. Many people want her to represent Poland in the kids Eurovision contest. If this girl can keep her head straight in the next few years, she could become quite the star.
  2. In the words of the brilliant Jules Feiffer, "Maturity is a phase, adolescence is forever."
  3. Raw or cooked, yellowtail is one of my favorite saltwater fish. Hamachi in Japanese, is one of my favorite varieties of sushi or sashimi. It comes the closest in flavor and texture to the much, much more expensive 'o toro' or tuna belly, than any other raw fish in my opinion.
  4. Take it to 'In Your Wildest Dreams Anarchy' buddy.
  5. Taco Cabana. It's a Texas thing. And New Mexico apparently.
  6. Ed Lada


    I don't care if they don't care. It reveals something about their character, not mine.
  7. I just happened to peruse this thread today. I see nobody answered your page so I submit some of Mr. Bull's art that I procured for my collection. I think the large one is readily identifiable as to the artist. Also my collection of pastel seascapes from an old college friend of mine.
  8. Ed Lada


    That's true, but they don't get the credit for it. One of these days there will be a reckoning and it won't be pretty.
  9. Not since the great cleansing. Porn Hub ain't what it used to be.
  10. Ed Lada


    See, that's the whole point. They aren't middle aged white guy jokes. White guys run the world. That's why there aren't many middle aged white guy jokes. Stereotype jokes are very common. They are so common that over time the stereotypes have a negative impact on the object of the joke. It's insidious and it's harmful. Just because it's been happening since the first joke was told doesn't make it right. Y'all are welcome to keep on telling these jokes and I can criticize it if I like. It's like tilting at windmills but if everybody tolerates these jokes the damage will con
  11. You and Bob speak highly of him, that's enough for me.
  12. Oh, now you've done it! Why didn't you just say Beetlejuice 3 times. Sheesh.
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