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  1. It never bothered my throat but maybe tha tsplitting headache that happened about 3 minutes after getting a good hit shoud have told me something! Ah youth!
  2. My house in Poland is 140 sq meters. The kitchen is 3x3 meters. People in Poland ask us why we have such a big house for only 2 people. People in the US ask me why we have such a small house. It's all relative.
  3. That must have been fun for you when you were growing up. You were raised in a jungle gym!
  4. What constitutes a tiny house? Here in Poland I know people that live in apartments that are from 200 to 300 square feet. My wife grew up in a 700 square ft apartment for a 6 person family. Pretty typical here.
  5. When I worked in a factory years ago, we would wash our hands with MEK. On a boring night we would stick our heads over a can full of it and huff away. Apparently that shit is dangerous. Who knew! That might explain a lot about my current state.
  6. Lucky guy! I worked as an electric commuter train car assembler at a GE plant in the 1970s. I had access to a huge range of fasteners, other hardware, electrical connectors, any size electrical wire, etc. They also made locomotives, locomotive control systems and DC motors and generators in other buildings there among other things and employed 14,000 people at the time. Back then they estimated that at least a million dollars (about 5.5 million in todays dollars) worth of various parts, hardware, copper, tools, etc. walked out the door there every year. I remember one guy was in a cor
  7. Hey, some things just shouldn't be joked about like that! And in case you couldn't see because of the subtlety of it, that wasn't a real rant. You've seen some of my real rants here, they are entirely different! Here are some clues: Poland, Mrs. Paul's, albeit a good quarterback, mud bugs. Sheesh!
  8. I fished for a good part of my life and I never ate sushi anywhere, even here in Poland that looked like bait. Good sushi and sashimi are some of my favorite foods. If squeamish people that never ate fresh fish in their lives and were force fed Mrs. Paul's frozen fish sticks as children, that's fine. More raw fish for me! And WTF does that hick, albeit a great quarterback, know about real food anyway? He was born in a Louisiana bayou FFS and thinks boiled crawfish are a delicacy! Mud bugs!!! #Fakenews
  9. There oughta be a law! When I was in the US this past August I went to a better than average supermarket chain store (Wegmans for those who know the name). They had some beautiful, bright red tuna steaks in the fresh fish section. I thing the price for 2 of good sized ones was like $50.00. I took them to my friends house where I was staying and I sliced them into sashimi, cooked some rice and ate 'em all up. My friend and his wife declined my offer of a bite. Heathens! But the I offered it to them to be polite, I knew they they wouldn't try it. They're great people but their idea of
  10. For anything to do with industrial metal, two words. McMaster Carr. It's easy to find just about any type and size of fastener on their website. If you can't find it there, it probably doesn't exist.
  11. Billy, Billy, that isn't slightly different, it's completely different! Apples and mangoes different.
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