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  1. I visited it in 2018. Also toured the Niagara. I was impressed with both. When I was a kid they had the 'Niagara' on dry land down by the public dock. It was a poorly made version that had a couple of timbers from the original but that was all.
  2. No worries, my day was OK. I know that the Righties abhor any kind of environmental regulations because they hurt the bottom line. Here is a photo I took last time I was home back in 2018. The photo was taken about 2 blocks from my old house. You can see a little bit of the peninsula sticking out in the background. It was a great place to grow up filthy water not withstanding.
  3. Clearly you missed the implied purple font old chap. Try to keep up.
  4. Thanks for your concern. I wouldn't be too surprised if the genesis of my condition was growing up on the shores of Lake Erie in the 1950s-1970s. Just down the coast from you in Erie, PA. Our house was between a large paper mill and a huge GE plant so there were plenty of mysterious effluents flowing into the water there. The fish kills when I was a kid were often and truly impressive. At times it was impossible to walk along the shoreline without treading on carcasses of dead fish. And we would swim in that water frequently. It's amazing what the EPA and the zebra mussels have done to
  5. You recall correctly BC. My condition has deteriorated rapidly in the last year. I can do a little but not much. However I have my nice garden, my wife and 2 great dogs. And a computer... I had aspirations to get really old like you and be a curmudgeon but I guess I'll just remain crabby (nothing against crabs mind you). I can still manage to hoist my near daily Bombay and tonic, I'll raise my glass to you tonight.
  6. Did you read my post carefully? I don't have a life. Of course almost anything could be better than posting here, but I have a lot of hours to fill every day. If the others do what they said, I guess I'll talk to my dogs to fill my idle hours. Or I could hire somebody to paint something and then I can watch it dry. That's a possibility. What's your excuse?
  7. I would love for that to be true but I am doubtful. Especially the 2 blowhards from down under. Must be the result of walking upside down, I don't know. Hey, Fah Kiew, I don't know what's the big deal about crossing Bass Strait. It's just a strait FFS, grow a pair would ya. That figjam Gissie doesn't even have a boat or sail so who knows what he will do. Wankers are gonna wank is my guess. So please honor your words and let this thread die. If y'all come back it will be definitive proof that y'all are full of shite and don't have a real life. I don't have a life, but I
  8. I read an interview with James Dickey some years ago. He said in retrospect that he regretted writing that part of the book. He was quite proud of his magnum opus, in my opinion it's one of the most powerful and profound pieces of modern American literature. He said after the excellent film of his work was released, all many people remembered was the scene with Ned Beatty squealing like a pig. Dickey said he wished his work could be remembered for a little more than that.
  9. You are 50 pounds of shit in a 5 pound bag. You are a clueless hypocrite that is completely full of yourself. You go on and on about your humility, your politeness and how good you are at everything. You carry on about your sailing and your wonderful life and yet you have so much time to constantly post here and relentlessly criticize people because you don't like their opinions. At least LB 15 has a sense of humor. You are nothing but a bloviating troll that apparently has nothing better to do. With all due respect, kindly fuck off and take your bitterness elsewhere. Or don't, it real
  10. I don't believe any of that, but hey it's only your opinion.
  11. Ahh, the pot calling the kettle black. Fuck I love this place.
  12. And your relentless stupidity just keeps on going.
  13. Just skip the tonic and get some Campari. Mix it with your cheap gin and some soda water and you can call it an Italian pink gin. It should be bitter enough for you.
  14. I've heard of it but I never tried it. I lived in Germany for a total of 11 years but I stuck to predominantly beer and wine, gin and Scotch. German alcohol can get pretty weird, pretty fast after the basics. I did like a raspberry schnapps called Himbeergiest, or raspberry spirit. It tasted nicely of raspberry and then you felt the kick of the alcohol.
  15. Not to be an alcohol pedant but all gin is flavored. Some people might disagree but essentially, without getting deep in the weeds, gin is flavored vodka. Vodka can be made from anything that will ferment although grain is the most common base for it. The mash is distilled usually until it is almost pure alcohol (neutral spirits) and then filtered and water added to bring it down to typically 40% alcohol. Most vodkas and gins are made from neutral spirit. Neutral spirit is named as such because it is almost pure ethanol and has no flavor, hence the name 'neutral'. Repeated distilla
  16. I like to keep an assortment of gin around. Different gin for different moods. I can't stand the taste of Hendricks, I like cucumbers but not in my gin. Bombay Sapphire is my got to for a G&T, with a slice of lime. For a very dry Martini (shaken not stirred) I like Beefeaters, partly because when I started to drink gin many, many years ago there wasn't the variety available that there is today. The traditional, in your face juniper berry taste of Beefeaters is very manly. Mary, the bartender at a local bar where I went to college would mix me a Beefeater Martini. She would pour some
  17. I don't know why the forum software rotates the pics. Pain in the ass.
  18. Dude, you have spewed more trash than the rest put together. I used to have some respect for you. I don't know what happened but the change isn't a good one.
  19. Go the Hobot! I am sure the PT is onerous but remember, you don't have to like it, you just have to do it!
  20. The last time I bowled was about 30 years ago. I walked up the alley, I got in position, I took my steps, arm back, bending my knee, launched the ball down the alley and I felt a pain in my knee. The next day my knee was painful and swollen. I was in the Army at the time, went to the medical clinic where I worked in my off hours and told one of the doctors that I knew pretty well that I think I tore my cartilage in my knee. He asked what I did to do that. I said I was bowling, I didn't fall, no unusual movement, just normal bowling. He said I couldn't have torn, cartilage. I told him I
  21. Don't tell that asshole @Sailpower. He complains about REMFS but he probably spent more time in the bars in Olangapo then he did in a submarine giving reach arounds to his bunk mates. Funny hearing a sailor complaining about REMFS. Dumb fuck doesn't have a sense of humor or sarcasm detector worth a shit either.
  22. The Cirrus is the plane with a parachute. Maybe the owner need to deploy the chute in an emergency. Perhaps after that experience the owner decided flying wasn't for him so he repurposed the plane.
  23. So tell me about your illustrious service asshole. I want to hear what a hero you are. I don't know how old you are but if AJ was drafted, he didn't exactly enter the military voluntarily. The Vietnam war was shit show that needlessly claimed 58,000 American lives and around 3 million or so Vietnamese lives. If you are so tough, then why did you join the Navy instead of the Marines? Maybe because you are some kind of pussy is my guess. I spent many hours on the internet and couldn't find anything about your service. Maybe you're lying about it, I don't know. You sure talk some
  24. That's the funniest post on this entire thread. I think you are afraid of the wrong things.
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