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  1. Looks like they are rippin! On pace for about 13 hours.
  2. I for one will be wearing my AIS/DSC beacon (PLB)in my life jacket. As others have pointed out, when someone goes overboard during daylight hours and you are able to maintain a visual on the MOB, the value of a PLB is minimal. However, at night in high speed conditions, MOB could easily be separated from the boat by up to mile or more within a few short minutes. In those conditions the PLB could be a real game changer and be the difference maker to help retrieve the MOB with only mild hypothermia in a short amount of time. Without a PLB in night time conditions, consequences to the MO
  3. One of my favorite programs growing up was "I Dream of Jeannie". Barbara Eden was a hottie. I am also a fan of "Cheers" Kidding aside, talented well practiced crew (that actually enjoy each other's company) with a well maintained boat tends to lead to a good sailing program.
  4. I'm pulling for AM to get back in it with a win, but "fast and out of control" rarely produces a positive outcome.
  5. Does anyone know if BYC intends to file protests for the boats that ventured into Canadian waters while racing? Their SI's prohibit the competitors from protesting each other for that infraction, so it falls squarely on the organizer to police and enforce....we'll see what happens. "7. COURSES From the starting line to the finish line at Mackinac Island leaving Thunder Bay Island and Bois Blanc Island to port. [NP] The Canadian Border Services Agency states the Government of Canada has introduced border measures to limit the spread of Coronavirus disease in Canada, including the restric
  6. Looks like Heartbreaker"s tracker is having issues. Their last ping was almost 3 hours ago.
  7. Stating that the Melges 24 was a 2005 Chicago Mac entrant, illegal or otherwise, is also a misleading statement. Using the term "illegal entry" implies that you were able to enter your boat the race, which we all know did not happen. I'm glad you guys where able to successfully shadow the fleet up to Mac without incident. The open waters of Lake Michigan are quite capable of pumping out more than a Melges 24 can handle and if you had an emergency, you would have relied heavily on the legit entrants to save your butt and screw up their race in the process. Kind of selfish... unless yo
  8. Yes, I agree that BYC is doing the best they can in a terrible situation where the goal posts keep moving. Giving the competitors the latest updates about new obstacles is the right thing to do. My point is, the news just keeps getting worse with more and more restrictions piling on. Hope the situation improves prior to the race.
  9. Really? If that was a good update, I'd hate to see a bad one.
  10. Good on BYC for trying to run the race. I did get a chuckle about the BYC expert advice on "Hot Bunking" but the crew on boats from Illinois should have an easier time "social distancing" because I'm sure they will only bring 8 adults on their boat per their Governor's Boating Guideline for boats over 38 feet
  11. Well said Looper, I'm with you 100%!
  12. We might need a new name for this thread, as AREA III was put to pasture a few years ago
  13. 5th out of five 100 footers....nice! Only thing worse is finishing 2nd in a class by yourself
  14. Looks like WOXI was flying a red flag shortly after the port/starboard with Scallywag.
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