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  1. He wasn't s upset about loosing his gf, just got upset when he mum ran off as well.
  2. Luna Rossa have made some big improvements upwind, I think we will go 4-0 down, lets hope the design team have some new parts on the way. we were consistently slower up wind on both races, and we now seem to have lost our downwind advantage. I'm not convinced, the problems aren't deeper than just wrong jib, lets hope. Todays races were as boring as sin, wish I hadn't stayed up. The races were alot more interesting inshore, Allows Giles to earn his money.
  3. If their difference is really that big, it's going to make the next round of races almost as dull as watching luna Rossa destroy American magic. Jimmy would never let Ineos scream past them.. Any excuse for a race.
  4. The rate of development is crazy, don't forget that American magic beat ETNZ. If Ineos Raced against the boat ETNZ had in December it would be a thrashing. The problem is we don't know what gains ETNZ have made or what they kept secret. I would put my money on Ineos over Luna Rossa, which way it goes between ETNZ and Ineos is anyone call, we will be very lucky if we get any more close racing...
  5. When you read this, you really hope that Luna Rossa pickup two minor issues and get disqualified from the next race. If a team is deliberately flouting the rules then, by all means, punish them.
  6. I rewatched that race, What amazing skill. It's a shame we didn't get to see all four boats on the water together, I would pay good money to watch Ben do the same to Jimmy in the AC75's Let's hope we see some more close races where boat speed isn't the only factor.
  7. https://www.thetimes.co.uk/article/ben-ainslie-hits-out-at-gamesmanship-by-italian-rivals-luna-rossa-in-prada-cup-nswt9fdpl Does anyone have access to the rest of this article, or know what the issue is?
  8. its connected to an electric fence machine, automatically triggers if they drop below 200w Or if Ben is having a bad day and needs some entertainment.
  9. It looked a lot more violent, I wonder if they're the same 35kg battery Ineos mentioned. The crash looked a lot more violent, you can understand the batteries punching a whole through the hull, I'm guessing a carbon nomex sandwich panel. I doubt you would ever design for loads that high..
  10. Does anyone know if there will be a post-race conference? I'm guessing the America magic have their hands full trying to stop there boat ending up at the bottom of the drink. Does anyone know why they had so many issues re-righting the boat? When ETNZ capsized it looked like they could have almost carried on the race.
  11. I wonder if using the old foils was the sandbag.. With the new winglet tips on the W foils, it's clear to see which foils there working on.
  12. To be fair we dont have the best record of winning.... Its not much fun to watch if your boat isn't fast enough to be competitive.
  13. Depends how they do.. If they loose every race it will be a english team and know one cares anyway. If they nearly win it will be a english team with a welsh sail trimmer. If they win, everyone loves sailing and the guys are heros and proud to have such a great UK team.
  14. Haven't you stopped this from happening by having to declare everything 2 days before the first race.. Surely this means that you can't carry on developing the boat midway through the series? A crap rule for the spectators as if one boat is off the pace, there is no chance of catching up. Does anyone know what the key upgrades were apart from ben aislie?
  15. Could Ineos be pulling a fast one and putting on a old set of draggy foils to avoid showing everyone how fast they are. All the competitors sit back and have a relaxing Christmas. You loose out on some practice races but after seeing Ben foiling on the F50 we all know he isn't the weak link.
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