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  1. Some GP's in Victoria have had their Phizer allocation restricted. I know of about 100 people who have had their 2nd dose delayed by 7 days.
  2. Why are gun owners such fucking cowards? He had a gun, they had bricks, he ran.
  3. I will give credit where due. NSW went earlier than Vic did last year. NSW testing and contact tracing is a lot better than Vic last year. But, they seem to be in less of hurry to crush community spread. Almost as though they think they can have a more balanced approach. No jobkeeper might be part of the thinking. Remember that vaccination does not prevent spread and Feds have little ability to get between states....
  4. what happened early on in melbourne is exactly like what is happening in sydney. locking down small areas with high caseloads doesn't work. identifying communities doesn't work. blaming multiculturalism on poor government messaging doesn't work. the lessons of melbourne are ignored because of nsw exceptionalism. reality is going to give that exceptionalism a big kick up the arse.
  5. can anyone's wife really comprehend her husbands porn habits?
  6. so you have a sook when I call you a name, then you call me a name? yep!
  7. Fake news is confusing the evolving virus with our evolving treatments. They are not the same! Unlike his auntie and his mum.
  8. Bullshit! The have all the fucking power! It's like nursing homes. All the power, none of the responsibility... .
  9. She's actually pretty spot on. The problems coming up in NSW have occurred elsewhere. Luckily, that elsewhere wasn't arrogant enough to learn from their mistakes. NSWs failure to learn from previous outbreaks is criminal.
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