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  1. And head straight to the fish......
  2. Being alive seems to be the self defence equivalent of starboard.....
  3. I hope the cops don't find a gun in dead man's car.
  4. You obviously don't care that words have meaning.
  5. So we should consider you a fucking idiot even if there's no sexual activity in your life?
  6. Of course he's a child, adults use 7.62.....
  7. Is the attacker considered a pedo if there was no sexual context to the attack?
  8. You're the one that keeps bringing it up.
  9. Give vaccines to Africa. That will fire up the entitled whiteys.
  10. How did Kyle know he was a pedo? How do we know your pedo status? Facebook? Pedobook?
  11. I wonder the outcome if bicep boy had of shot and killed Rittenhouse. Would bicep boy be a hero and Kyle a failed mass murderer?
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