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  1. You're comparing the behaviour of an individual virus to other completely different viruses and calling them the same. You're bullshitting.
  2. What better place? If voluntarily accessing this place isn't self flagellation, then what is?
  3. The new laws made it more expensive. I sold my guns and bought a boat. Maybe I'm not as smart as I thought I am....
  4. Common usage in America is not a point I would hang my hat on. There's a whole nother world out here where words still mean what they mean.
  5. Any gun which self loads. Obviously. And for they record, I don't think they should be banned.
  6. Travelling to Qld from Vic in mid 90's was amazed to see automatics with pistol grips. I had a Victorian and NSW licence. To buy, they'd take my money and then send the gun to the address on either licence. I couldn't walk out of the store with it. Not having the money, about 3k for an SLR, was more a factor than postage.
  7. I see you don't understand the concept of a prefix. The self loading is the "automatic' part of the description. "Semi" or "fully" are the triggering action. If you'd modified the trigger mechanism on a simple blowback .22, you'd understand the difference.
  8. the idiocy lies with those that dont understand the facts. like you, for example.
  9. i just like the abc news for its lack of puns. have you watched the commercial channels? stories about lost pets? stories about car hoons? all sandwiched between really bad puns that would even get posted here. as for you being a victim. give me a fucking break. its not like you had to sleep with yourself...
  10. sound like your blaming middle management for hiring forgetful people...
  11. so 22,000 of your countrymen decide america is not worth living in? and then there is people like your self who prefer to live in a neighboring country. why do americans hate america so much?
  12. a self loader is an automatic. the distinction between fully auto and semi auto was put in place to dilute the argument and obfuscate. see this thread for an example.
  13. no they havent. used to be able to buy them from kmart, no license required.
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