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  1. CPM- New Braunfels does not appear to have any water??
  2. I really like my Honda 4 cycle outBoard. 100% gas + SeaFoam treatment. I use a shot of ether starter fluid before winter storage when running out the last bit of gas out. It Always Starts and Runs. ten years now.
  3. Interesting. So the Flying Phantom (FP) is the one that recently broke a hull in Texas. Is this correct? Is this the same one that went over backwards last spring off the beach in the Atlantic 300 race and broke its mast in an onshore wind? While in 3rd place if I recall. It is tough to have to come into the surfline with a FP, turn into the wind, then have your crew hold the boat until beach wheels can get to you. If it is too deep, the crew is floating in waves, and you are in big trouble. If it is too shallow, the uptip foils might hit bottom and be damaged. I think these non-re
  4. This was a light 3500 pound Kiwi35 with fiberglass aft-hiking wings in upper Lake Michigan in a big 100 mph thunderstorm near midnight: Nearby Chi/ Mac racers had wind indicators blown off or pegged. All sails were furled except a storm jib. I suspect it was skidding on its side when the downwind hiking wing dug in and stopped the boat. Kinetic energy threw it over, while spilling out the hunkered-down crew, 2 of whom were under the rapidly descending hiking wing and wearing lifejackets like everybody else. A strong sea anchor might well have prevented this skidding then capsize, nothing els
  5. Ugly as sin for a boat, but with all this timy house nonsense going on now days maybe it is not such a bad thing. One thing though, Where are the bunks?? Is that a quarterbirth on the starboard side?? Port top looks like an opening, but is there enough over there?? "Wood stove" nails it for me! $%^&*&^%$
  6. There were many derelict boats in the Ala Wai Harbor, Honolulu when I first saw it in 1963. Many had living inhabitants/ derelicts, like our old buddy Herman the German. And preWWII wooden landing craft converted to "apartments" with nails and old plywood. When the State thought one was too awful, they would evict the inhabitants, who promptly turned off the bilge pumps. Then the rotten pieces and pieces-to-be sunk into the mud, then lots of state $ were spent cleaning up the pieces. We towed out and burned several of these relics at sea for a few bux. It was fun being pirates for a day.
  7. Yes. I think he was foiling beautifully. Imagine an AC72 trying to foil in a proportionate sea state - like Molokai channel perhaps - can't believe it would look any steadier. Interesting point about needing all four down to fly. The A class has a tight restriction on horizontal foil area. So they are a bit lift challenged to start with. I have sailed small boats and big ones in heavy trades in the Molokai Channel. It ain't no picnic out there. The swells are so big that when a little/medium sized boat goes into a trough, the wind just about stops. Guess what happens 15 seconds later a
  8. I tried to read this thread. When can we shoot the last lawyer?
  9. Can we hope for an armed confrontation of Lawyers for each side, large caliber handguns preferred, plenty of ammunition for each side, at close range?
  10. ChrisO: See the actual A-cat in this thumbnail? <- I had to spend some time to make the damn thing work so that it would fly properly. It does... now: Modified the foils, modified the foil cross-sections to something less bubbly, change angle of attack of the mainfoils, build than change the angle of attack of the rudder foils, Remove toeout. Completely change the attachment for this A-cat. So, yeah, I had to do some work on it to make it fly. So what the hell do you have to be snotty/snide about?
  11. Have you folks got data on mast tip bend at 20kg with these masts? What do you think about moving forestay position down on Hall mediums?

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