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  1. It a LONG day or day and night to get arond the island. My crew last time was SO drunk from the night before, so I was all by myself. Disgusting. yes reef a new-to-you fast and fairly light boat. And no short races firt? Bad idea.
  2. You might want to get an actual Hobie cat sailor to look at what you are doing. Its amazing what experience does for these simple problems. BTW: if you seal the rivets all over this mast with silicone glue or 4200 sealant, the boat will not turtle when you capsize. Having your mast fill with water means it cannot be righted by 2 people as usual. Also insspect the connectors- Stainless steel pins and good ringy-dingies. The rudders will probably not lock down properly, due to their rudder cams being worn or broken: obtain new rudder cam pins that screw together, so as to replace them easily
  3. As WayneMarlow states, all A-class cats weigh 75 kilos, and are actually pretty damn tough. See that <- thumbnail of my 1971 woodie A-cat flying with surface-piercing hydrofoils on it. I have sailed it without foils in the 40 mile Palatka-Jacksonville Mug Race in the St. Johns River with a smallish chute many times.... because the wind quits, then comes back on your stern after 4 hours---- I've finished 4th once, 6th a bunch of times vs all kinds of other bigger cats up to 30 ft. Every time I have to lift an A-cat, my back says- "Thank you very much!" And you run away from the nasty
  4. Muricans are good at writing letters, usually excuses these days. C'mon Lonesome Bruce ol' Buddy, holder & lone displayer of the Stars & Stripes.
  5. With your C-boards, SamC99us is being straight with you needing a deck sweeper, but you are some work away from being at the front of the fleet. Race to learn right now what is wrong/needs adjustment etc. There are a lot of ETCs. Mast Over-rotation isn't really needed anymore.
  6. Looks like great fun. Lots of new ideas here. My 1971 Cal Fuller wooden plywood A-cat with aluminum SP foils never broke yet. I guess Cal's epoxy plywood was pretty tough. (RIP Cal). OOps 18 years ago. See the thumbnail on foils...
  7. I loved the 3-fleet 16 competition racing (A,B,C) back in the day. Led to big biceps! This was way before modern, dramatically thickness-reduced mainsheet tapered lines, which really help mainsheet work in other hi-speed classes (A-class/ foilers).
  8. OK-- just put the correct hydrofoils on it. Done. The Hobie monocat was just WAY too heavy, fiberglass. IF CARBON HAD BEEN AVAILABLE? .......The new UFO would be longer. Ask Steve. who designed the new UFO. It would probably fly as well as my Cal Fuller wooden A-cat flying on SP foils in 2001. See my thumbnail????
  9. The Mug Race is tomorrow- the 38 mile drag race from (almost) Palatka to Jacksonville, and Bill will be there in spirit. How many times did I bust my butt to get far enough ahead of the RC30 to stay there to JAX with my chute up....uuuhh. Never happened. Bill & Eric would appear in little blotches, White & Green triangles against the sky, tacking the big cat thru the fleet of baby cats, then ease on by to disappear to weather, many times. Chris Cordes stayed ahead of them all the way few years ago on his tiny little stock A-cat in a drifter for the Mug! It was a LONG quiet after
  10. The I14 looks way too heavy and clumsy. What a horrible bitch of a time righting the damn thing! A Hobie 14 does not stay stuck on its side like this thing. How much does it weigh? Now- if the whole thing was carbon it might be worthwhile fooling with. Its like the girl single-handing/righting that Weta way offshore in New Zealand- having to flood and sink the outrigger to right the boat! Sheesh. Even bungeeing a 12 foot carbon monkey pole under the cat to rig out then right it works great in 2 minutes with 125 pound skipper----better than any of these horrid schemes you folks are using
  11. When you get really going fast, the humming is not your friend. Getting as close as possible to 1/32 radius sounds about right.
  12. A good friend and brother are selling their C&C 36, lying Tampa BAy YC. Owned many years, well cared for, sailed weekly in the bay. Hate to see her go. Been to Key West many times. dacarls@gmail.com
  13. Here are thumbnail pix of Cheetalope (Catnip wooden A-cat), Jackalope (Hobie 16) and Kangalope (Hobie18) flying on Lake Santa Fe, Florida. They never pitchpoled & never capsized. If you flew out of the water, the boat would come down, reattach, rise up and away you go again. Not really fast going hard upwind on foils but still above a beam reach, beam reach all day long, and downwind was fast and fun.
  14. This is a note about my participation with Dave Keiper in his last foiling experience on this planet. Keiper brought a Hobie18 to my home in Florida 20 years ago with this aluminum foil set. A long story: I fixed these foils by filing the hell out of them, because the sharp leading edges on his 008 struts split the water at speed, and his ClarkY lifters were incredibly draggy. My conclusion was this foil set was too small for the Hobie 18: it would lift onto foils then crash, in a 7 second cycle. Dave shipped cut foil sections of the same material but 10% larger, then, sadly departed the
  15. I acquired 4 Lasers 2 years ago (to add hydrofoils also teach sailing to newbies & kid relatives). 2 were free, $23, and $60 for the worst one from a yacht club. After learning Laser epoxy repair , I found that stock class-legal rigging is really crap. Changed to old Hobie blocks & light modern lines, bought cheap class-illegal sails with actual shape to foil with. But the kids learned just fine. Wet suit is absolutely required for cold water.
  16. Lost.  Can you send me the email of Michael Christiansen re a used Z10 board slider top for A-14 or A15 eXploder boards- or any other polyethylene or Carbon (says O.H.)  slider..   or send him my email     dacarls@gmail.com   thanx.

  17. Damnable Opti people. Mean trick on the kids. Stock Laser people too. This IS the 21st Century for all of us.
  18. Can you sharpen your pin? Smaller diameter- get it in, then push it in to the correct diameter..
  19.   On 12/2/2017 at 6:26 PM, WetnWild said:

    Not a problem on A13/14 Exploders and C board DNA. Gonzalo reckons the bows won't go down on the redesigned Classic Exploder. I'll tell you first hand soon. 

    We won't be going to reaches any time soon in titles events but some still do reaches in clubland. 

    Agun/Abitch pines for the good old days. 

    What's the deal on the redesigned classic Exploder??

    Sam-- This from your post Page1, Dec3.  Were there answers? Do I need redesign??? since I am running a A14 eXploder and having no power or speed with Jz boards, Glaser DenBen sail, new bendy mast.  I guess I already have a classic.  I came in dead last against Curry (2nd overall) but Chris Cordes walked away (A2classic) in no air at Wildcat race at Lake Eustis.  So I am thinking about a return to C boards, DS sail which I do not own, and smaller fins on stock boards on this boat. (A14 used by Matt Struble 2015NAs).


    1. F18 Sailor

      F18 Sailor

      Hey Dave,

          I'm not sure what the design changes are for the C board version. Best to talk with Emmanuel on that front. The only answers from the Aussies were all in that thread.

      I suspect your boat would be fine with c boards if they fit, but I don't know where your trunks are.

      I am surprised at your speed issues, might be a rig package issue- I know no one successfully racing a foiler with big headed square top main, waaaay too much heel. I believe Bob Hodges has an A14 but his has been consistently updated, first with Z5's at 53cm and next with Z22's at 40cms.

      Will you be at Bluster on the Bay? I'll be there racing my F18 but we have most of the A cat gear with us including my Stevie Brewin DS, boomless, cut for an A15 but likely close enough for your boat if you wanted to take it for a test sail. I'd also be happy to give your boat a go after  racing one day, Mike can launch his AD3 and we can go do some tuning against that. 

  20. Hi Doug, Tech problems.

    I have the original A14 eXploder used by Matt Struble from NAs 2015 with Jz boards and stock eXploder fins, superbendy Fiberfoam and now a good DB sail used by Craig Yandow. Foiling is very difficult. I can sort of make OH's boat go, but mine...not so much.  

    1. OH says I need to move the board trunk forward 5 to 10 inches to make it work, and use Z10 foils at least.  The problem is that I can move the trunk forward only 5 inches because of the shroud base and its bulkhead. In your opinion is that enough to even bother with?

    2. I didn't find any Z10s yet: inquiries from attendees at SD= nothing. Do you know of any?

    3. I am ready to add sail extension to make a decksweeper from a good older skinny top sail (2004 near NA winner: Woody Cope's).....just to have something that works*. 

    4. This sounds sort of silly, but how about moving my rudders further out back (6 inches with extensions) for as is- Z10 same trunk position*.

    Comments welcome. 

  21. Charlie: Are you still contemplating selling the S9 foil setup as mentioned above? 

    Dave Carlson from Gainesville FL    dacarls@gmail.com

  22. Just found this extended thread.  So what is Sopot, and where are these Z10's floating around for sale?  I have sore need of them, asap, even though an A-cat with move-forward-able trunks is looking scarce.

    I am TRYING to sail the darm thing as is. 

    1. F18 Sailor

      F18 Sailor

      Sopot is the location for A Cat worlds this summer. I can talk to Martin and see if we can get some used boards and rudder hardware in the U.S container back from worlds.

    2. dacarls


      If you please.  I live in Florida, far from where breakthroughs are emerging. Now- Hangbacks we have lots of. 

      I should be happy to avail myself/acquire a pair of these Zs, while I struggle with my Jzs placed far behind the shroud bulkhead which is too far behind front crossbar. (good A14 hull, NAs winner 2015 that won't delaminate. Moving this bulkhead up is a very expensive mod). :o:angry:

      Who is Martin?  When & where in the US will the container return?

    3. F18 Sailor

      F18 Sailor


        I sent you an email. A new pair of Z10's from Emmanuel are $1700. The biggest cost you may have is moving the trunks/installing different bearings. I'm not yet sure what Tony will end up charging me for this installation on my Flyer (ran out of time to do it myself, but had half the work done already).

      Martin is owner of catsailingnews.com, we talk regularly on all things beachcat related. No idea what the U.S container for worlds is looking like schedule wise, Bailey would know more.


  23. to samc99us,

    I noticed that the Queensland regatta in Oz with the goofy name (just over) mention short, wide bottom deck sweeper sails, also Z12 and Z15 foils, or were they Z18?  Steve Brewin killed and Landy was fast too, with the blue short, fat sail & rig. It looked like they had at least 5 of those A-cats- including AUS 4 and 15 from the video clips.

    Nobody in the USA has done either of these things, AFAIK. I tried to copy pix but had trouble.

    Got any dope on it?   

  24. Yes this was Ben Hall's wing, 2012. I thought it looked heavy, and rather thick-looking. Racing showed no advantage- it was draggy thus mid fleet. Nowadays we see the accomplished foilers blast off from the weather mark, but this wingmast did not show sudden coherent, manageable power on some leg or direction. It was 10% chord maybe 12%, but we are used to seeing half an airfoil when looking up at A-cat rigs. Randy Smyth was not much impressed. And I watched Randy trying to adjust his sloop rigged A-cat there at Islamorada too. Randy's mast was maybe too bendy fore and aft, so the little st
  25. PERT chart! MiGod- I haven't heard of a PERT chart since 1962.
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