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  1. https://www.miamiherald.com/opinion/opn-columns-blogs/leonard-pitts-jr/article256302497.html Just as I thought. The trumpaloons are just a bunch of morons, rubes and suckers.
  2. Did Baldwin Confess to involuntary Manslaughter under New Mexico Law? Who the fuck cares? Sheesh.
  3. It's for statements like this that no one takes you seriously.
  4. Lifted Tack


    Hate to break it to you Ed, but this is the joke thread...
  5. if you post under the name of Quad Umbra, The Joker, Dog, Happy Jack., Number 6 and/or any of their socks, etc. etc., you are a Republican, a liar, and a weasel that would have fascism take over democracy. There's no "might be" about it.
  6. Stupid Doggy. What Mueller found was that yours and Putin's bitch boy was interfering and obstructing his investigation. God, you are pathetic in your support for the small handed man.
  7. It will take a generation or two to rebuild the courts after the deliberate damage done by Moscow Mitch and Putin's bitch.
  8. Sol was right many years ago. Once power has been yielded to the executive, it will never return to the people. All hail Sol! at least as a prognosticator.
  9. What I meant was that Doggy would raise hell if an Obama official acted in such a way, but gives him a big pass because Team R. can do no wrong.
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