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  1. Same weekend as Howe Sound regatta at wvyc. Also RVYC OD contest. There are some in the latter fleets that crew on big boats. I reckon, same old story. Too hard to find crew. Not exactly a well publized event for its first year. Have fun.
  2. Don't recognise that # and I am active in the local fleet. Sure you didn't buy a boat from Kelowna? How did you manage to sneak across the border? I thought it was closed.
  3. which Melges did you buy? There are two for sale at WVYC, but they don't have dry sail issues at that club. Nine on the hard currently. The ones at RVYC are kept in the water on hydra lifts. Did you buy Trigg's boat at WVYC? The number escapes me. It is a decent boat and a great price. sailed it a few months ago.
  4. Be happy that the RC aren't kitted out in those silly red baseball hats that too many of you clowns wear south of our border. I hope enough of you are not too sick to vote in November. God bless America from the Great White North.
  5. Was referring more to the shape. It isn't a high-tech , high aspect rudder that is needed for this old boiler. People can be easily swayed and end up with something way too excessive and expensive. Don may very well have one in his basement. He built a lot of boats.
  6. Clint Currie or Rob Mulder both in North Van.Think canadian dollars. These guys are very good, both local and you would be way ahead spending your money in Canada. Why not ask Don Martin who also lives here. It is not a very complicated piece of kit and I think Don would agree with my sentiments. Currie yachts and Roberts Composites are both within 5 mins. of each other. You don't need to go to Toronto for a cruising boat rudder.
  7. Funny that the guy at our club paid about 125k U$A a few years ago and gets beat by all the halfpriced farr 30s regularly.
  8. Farr 30s are awesome and can keep up with a C&C 30 no probs.. we have about a dozen in the PNW and they go well all the way around the track. Easy to sail and still holding together. You can sprit them and not take a huge hit. great in the light. Evens out when the breeze come up with the symmetrical. Guy up here was actually making retro sprits. Great for distance racing.
  9. Totally agree. We have one at our club and have rarely seen him beat a Farr 30 around the track. twice as much money too. Best value for you and easiest to sail is the melges 32. fast as, and way less tweeky than the C&C which has too many strings. A powerful boat, but sticky in the light with all that wetted surface and deep keel. Not much spare kit around either,as I believe they made less than 10.
  10. Friend of mine owns Wall Street Duck. Somebody gave it to him. He will never get it in the piss. Too much freight and he is into car racing.Sad.
  11. Terremoto is pretty much redone, however there has been a major cost overrun. As the owner is a lawyer, it has dragged on much longer then it should have. Some upgrades were done, the most noteworthy the disappearing strut and prop, like Longboard featured. Apparently a newer version of Longboard is happening which is cool. Bieker has gained many fans with that old design.
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