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  1. Planes upwind?? Let's assume a little Irish poetic licence, born of enthusiasm. I'm sceptical in true VMG situation. I reckon if you crack off in the right conditions you'll get it to plane and you'd get to the top mark (at some point) with a smile...if you didn't mind someone else being there before you! Interesting to have so much talk of windsurfing in the same thread - One of the other Irish guys who sailed last weekend was out for ages and commented that it wasn't since his early windsurfing days in the '80s that he'd kept saying to himself "just one more go" before coming ashore late
  2. Thanks jfunk - and yes atefooterz the launch price includes Aus GST. Forgive me but can't help telling you that we're literally taking more Aero orders every day - exciting time!
  3. RS Aero Australian launch price is AUS $9,995 - trolley $649 - top cover $349 The first batch for Australia is scheduled to leave the UK in July and will land in September (early season) - and will include some boats for test sailing and a few available to order.
  4. The Aero mast will be made by one of the world's largest suppliers of windsurfer masts...and fishing rods. They buy carbon and "do" quality tubes in volume and with high level consistency. The spars have been developed with them to provide the stiffness characteristics we want. We've been through multiple versions, adding and removing carbon (stiffness) before arriving at the spec the development guys and sailmakers are happy with. The aim is to produce a highly adjustable rig, that will allow a wide weight band to compete. Leading small boat sailmakers on both sides of the Atlantic are ad
  5. Slow down....you're running ahead of us with Olympic talk! We've always believed the Aero has big potential - and it has certainly been a bit of a challenge this week keeping up with the response. But we haven't ever discussed the Olympics and have learned the hard way that what will be, will be, on that front... Please bear with us on the launch pricing around the world. Announcements will follow as soon as possible - along with other launch info for each region. Actually, manufacture will be in the UK. The design and construction system have focussed on keeping man-hours as low as po
  6. Replacing the Laser has never been our plan. The boat will be around forever. But not everyone sails a Laser - and some Laser sailors move from boat to boat over the years. We hope (and believe) the Aero will find its place in the game. Many things have happened in boat development - rotomoulded boats like our Tera and Quba give an entry point and great sailing for realistic cost. The Aero is aimed at the more experienced sailor who is able to spend a bit more, for another level. In time the used Aero market will give a lower cost option. Yes, it's a Jo Richards design - and I'd like t
  7. Sorry - posted some answers yesterday, but appears not to have worked. More than 70 ordered now - not all of them placed at the Dinghy Show, but a lot were. Received an email late Saturday from our AUS dealer which included the throw away line - you'd better put me down for 10 (not included in quantity above), so hopefully a boat in Sydney will be possible, SimonN. I promise the controls and mainsheet do all work, Norm. Response to the price at the weekend was that for an epoxy / foam sandwich hull with significant amounts of carbon fibre, all carbon spars and epoxy sandwich fo
  8. In answer to questions: Hull weight of the RS Aero is 30kg (66lb) basically the same weight as an Optimist! Sailing weight 49kg (108lb) Length 4m - 13'2" Beam 1.4m - 4'7" Three sizes of rigs (nothing new there) RS Aero 5 - RS Aero 7 - RS Aero 9, typically for youths - women / light men - men respectively. Epoxy foam sandwich hull with significant use of carbon fibre in high load areas Carbon fibre spars Sails have full length top battens with square head - short battens lower down. Luff track on mast and halyard Full info and some explanation behind all the design is now up at
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