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  1. The Italian COR Azzurra in 1987 if I remember correctly.
  2. I've no problem with the Mercury Bay challenge, it was the comment that RYS didn't deserve the right to challenge. That riled me.
  3. Which is where I was coming from. It's an open secret that if (when?) TNZ win, RYS will hand over the challenge immediately. And no one else will get anyway near enough to butt in.
  4. Yes I know every COR has been primed and ready with papers in hand since 1987. But did Mercury Bay deserve to challenge. I think The Royal Yacht Squadron has more right than anyone to do so. The DOG is clear, any established Yacht Club can challenge. Provided they meet the other constraints.
  5. It's nothing to do with, Deserving the role, It's about agreeing terms. LR and TNZ have been long time pals, but they've clearly fallen out. But anyone can issue a Challenge to the winning Yacht Club of the America's Cup. That is what the DOG says. That is what keeps the Cup different, and more Exciting from any other sporting event I know of. The golden egg of the cup is that It's not like any other competition. Look how the Olympic Games are dying
  6. So no change since 1983 when I first watched an AC race. Far more match racing this time than 2017 or 2013, none in the 2 DOG matches. I don't believe this regatta is over yet. The boats and crews are well matched and whilst I want a NZ win, Italy are not out yet by a long way.
  7. I know what your saying, but at that time the rich used Guineas not Pounds and it's value against the pound fluctuated, in the same way as the Franc or Mark. It was only standardised as £1 and 1s later. Much the same as a Fathom at 6 feet, rather than fingertip to fingertip. Don't deny history, just to make it fit the world you live in.
  8. Exactly as it should be, and if she were paddling past my boat, that's what I'd be doing.
  9. From my perspective in the UK. New Zealand gave away their Golden Ticket, the America's Cup in 2003, because Sir Peter decided to move on, as was his right to do so. In disarray they offered a totally unacceptable deal to Russell Coutts. There is no way anyone would take on undisclosed debts. Dalts was always the natural successor to Sir Peter, and He's done what no one else in 170 years has done. Won, not defended, but won the Auld Mug for the 2 time for the RNZYS. New Zealand and Auckland have lost that "Golden Ticket" once, do they really want to give it away again? FFS get a grip.
  10. Well I've only Visited New Zealand once, Feb 2003, I didn't go there to watch Rugby, Cricket or go outbacking. I flew to the other side of the globe to watch TNZ fight Alinghi for a useless, yet priceless trophy, bought by the Queen of Great Britain for 100 Guineas 170 years ago. And whilst there I met many others from all over the globe who were doing exactly the same. Now I know that Covid has had it's effect, as it has all over the world. But 2003, that was a once in a life trip for me, bucket list if you like, but I spent a lot of money whilst there. Don't you want New Zealand to mak
  11. Wasn't aware I'd bad mouthed Prada. Other than commenting on their rumoured liking of Bertarelli as the next challenger.
  12. Good point, both teams have lead by 1 race, but at the end of each day it's still even. That's never happened before in the AC. Gonna need some kip soon. Race in 5 1/2 hours.
  13. Have to say, you don't seem that supportive of TNZ. Less than I am in fact, and I'm the other side of the world. If it was RNZYS v RYS my loyalties would be split. But FFS come on your a Kiwi.
  14. No, I'm British. not English, not Welsh, not Scottish nor Irish, British. And when I visited NZL for the 2003 cup I was delighted to see boats of all sizes on the water. From massive liners, the Soren Larsen, people in Kayaks, a dog being towed on a surfboard. Hell I even saw Da Woody out there. Auckland is boat crazy, that's great in my book. Such a shame NZ will not get the expected profit this year, but come the 37th cup, I'm sure they will.
  15. Seems the Wellington v Auckland feud continues. Always got the impression Wellington was about blokes playing games with Balls.
  16. Isn't the population of Auckland 1 boat for every 4 people?
  17. Add me to the list, and they say no one outside NZ or Italy is watching. You fucking bet we are.
  18. I didn't like the reaching starts in the last 2 editions. The DoG specify's a upwind downwind course for race 1, but a Triangular course for race 2. I'd like to see that 2nd course back in the cup again, Old George Schuyler knew a lot about sailing.
  19. I think I remember someone, possibly Ian Murray saying that was the reason for the 4:15 PM starts.
  20. I'd tried Met office and BBC they didn't seem to tie in with no wind stories. Thanks to kiwin that seems exactly what I want.
  21. Any one in NZL got a forecast for today, not easy to find from the UK. Thanks in advance.
  22. TNZ no question, especially with rumours of Prada and Bertarelli being pals. Don't want Gollum back in the game.
  23. "Anyone know the number for International Rescue?"
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