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  1. Ding, ding, ding we have a winner. The regatta was the tuneup race in 2009 for the worlds in 2010. The boats are 8962: Jakob and Jørgen Bojsen Møller, 8975: Holger Jess and Wolfgang Hunger, 8440: Mikkel and Mads (me) Christiansen and finally 8826: Tom Bøjland and crew.
  2. It was an amazing regatta, that's for sure. I crew on 8440
  3. The oars and size of boat pointed at R2AK. And there is only one bridge on the route. Where in the world?
  4. The oars and size of boat pointed at R2AK. And there is only one bridge on the route.
  5. R2AK, Deception park state pass bridge
  6. A few things I would consider doing on old waterats when they are stripped like this anyway. * Extend the mast gate by about an inch. Mast is usually set as far aft as the rules allow, so rake is a bit limited by the mast gate. * make sure the rudder fittings allign perfectly. We broke several fittings due to metal fatigue before we figured out what was going on. Installing a 5mm carbon plate solved that issue for us. Otherwise best of luck Mads 8440
  7. We did some testing a few years ago. Wire forestay had about 1" stretch when loaded up. Whether or not this is a problem depends on how stiff your boat is. We usually use 5mm dyneema and that will most likely last the lifetime of the mast. Stretch in the forestay is annoying as it makes your rake inconsistant. It is one area I prefer overbuilt, as a failure leads to major damage.
  8. When new the joint for the battlestick is straight, but when you store it when not sailing, you store it with the battlestick along the tiller. This causes the joint to gain a permanent bend that causes this issue. The solution is to disconnect the battlestick from the tiller after each sail. This should allow the joint to remain straight and also prevents the joint from developing cracks, so it will last longer. It is just bloody annoying.
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