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  1. Here's a dose of reality from that notorious left-wing publication, the WSJ:- https://www.wsj.com/articles/is-brexit-hurting-the-u-k-economy-trade-export-import-european-union-england-11634651205?reflink=share_mobilewebshare
  2. Is the keel true? (i.e. properly aligned along the centre line of the boat) and is it vertical? Don't laugh:- I've seen instances when this hasn't been the case.
  3. You can put a small outboard on an E-Boat easily enough but remember not to take the outboard with you if it's a bit windy. Enterprises are quite tippy, particularly on a breezy run and you wouldn't want to get that motor wet! With the relatively large sail area, the Enterprise is a great light wind boat and I spent a happy 3 years in my teens racing and just messing about in one.
  4. I knew two people, both very experienced, who died in sailing accidents. On the other hand, I've known six people who died in road accidents.
  5. Anyone remember when Simon le Bon's "Drum" had a meeting with a submerged submarine in 1988? The late Bob Fisher was on board and commented on his regular column in Yachts and Yachting that they were sailing at night-time off the Mull of Kintyre (Scotland) when the bowman started yelling. He'd spotted the wake of a periscope aiming straight at them. Said periscope gouged a 12 foot gash in the hull of Drum, which then made for port. Arriving on terra firma, the crew tried ringing the Royal Navy and challenged them about submarine activity. The navy denied that there was any such activity i
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