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  1. Totally, as I said the Tech Area is more of an issue than the race area, that doesn't meant he race course is not a major issue. Certainly NY with 10 boats would be mildly terrifying, but the Tech area would fit; but more than 10 boats for Plymouth or St Tropez would just not have been possible in current Tech Area layouts (St Tropez was hard enough with teams sharing bases).
  2. The problem with team numbers has less to do with the race course and more to do with the available space for Tech Areas.
  3. They are in Barcelona doing corporate, the boat has sold to Alan Roura I believe.
  4. Because Ben was within the 2 boatlengths of the mark, and was overlapped so had room. The finish mark is considered a mark of the course, unlike the start. If Nathan was going to push Ben up he had to do it a lot earlier. Not sure why he didn't, guess he was concentrating on speed to the line and thought Ben was far enough up to windward that it would have failed anyway.
  5. I was talking with someone the other day who is looking at ammonia as a fuel to supply Hydrogen Fuel Cells in long range vessels... Seems like you take a fossil fuel, then create the ammonia, to create the Hydrogen... It sounds incredibly inefficient, but I guess if you can move to creating the ammonia another way then it should be part of a long term solution
  6. You are right, all the boats have ixblue IMUs .The team on site work hard to ensure that it is all accurate. The hardest events are probably NY and Plymouth due to interference with electronics. NY due to the amount of other signals, Plymouth because the military were messing around with high power radar and GPS blocking... thankfully only for the practice days.
  7. How do I know it is calibrated? Because when the team arrive on site they put a GPS up on a fixed site and start logging data, originally this was done for about 10 days. Now it is down to about 3 days. The corrections are applied real time. Being in London makes no difference to the measurement, that is all done on site. The lag from Sydney to London is less than 1 ms over fibre, so it is not an issue for the TV production.
  8. If you ignore the graphics, but look down the line, between the masts on the marks, they were definitely over. The RM system is about the best you could possibly have, each F50 and race mark has accurate RTK GPS position with corrections applied. The F50s all have high end IMUs, as does the heli. The graphics sometimes lag the RM system, so can give a false impression. Tough to do on a race course that does not sure a nice stationary stadium to have fixed positions.
  9. I am absolutely certain there is a language issue. He keeps counteracting his own arguments, and then just telling people to shut up when they point out his error. That combined with the enthusiasm of a child on his first computer leads to multiple contradictions.
  10. Quite literally holding the sheet, not the wheel. I don't know what you want to prove, but at least look at the photo.
  11. The number of people on my ignore list just grew to two. What an ignorant, mysoginistic, pathetic view.
  12. I am going to give you the benefit of the doubt, despite calling me a clown, that you maybe don't understand the point. The fact that you cannot see the point of letting women drive, wing trim or Flight Control because they might get their own circuit in a few years says more about your attitude towards women and opportunities than anything that I could possibly say.
  13. What is nonsense about what he said? Your following statements are not denying the fact that the teams are not putting women on board, they are literally proving that point. Read what was written.
  14. Jean le Cam saif that he never once gybed n the 2004 Vendee, chicken gybe every time. Now, with better carbon battens, better pilots, faster hydraulics it is a different matter. For the other extreme, Dee Caffari tells the story of being unable to tack in the Southern Ocean when going the wrong way round, as the waves kept pushing her bow back. SO she put another reef in, and gybed all the way round...the peace and tranquillity as she turned downwind made her want to go the right way ever since....
  15. Potentially a 'created' position to get women on the boat, but the positive I see is that they will be on board during racing. It seems as though they need to force the issue to create the change. They can take a male team that has never sailed an F50 and let them go and practice, but god forbid a team should let a female loose without a million hours of experience /s. Billy is the exception in this obviously.
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