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  1. I HATE the shaving cream trick. I find that the shaving cream pushes other balls off as you place new balls. I find a quiet place, put the whole thing in a sheet pan (so the balls don't roll away), sip some good quality rum, and use a tweezers to stack the balls on the levels. After the first cleat, subsequent cleats are easy. The rebuild kits are gold.
  2. Obviously I wasn't there, but it appears to me that the halyard was down while sailing. The tighter the sail is to the top, the more it moves the load to the turning bullseye and off the sail track.
  3. I'll be there as protest committee.
  4. At a regional level, we have started using patrol boats and a mandatory briefing to control coaches and parents. With some basic communication, it only takes until the start of race 2 for everyone to be on the same page about driving slowly and staying out of the course. Race 1 is usually filled with reminders to back up, but everyone has been happy to comply. Frankly, the coaches rushing around to kids is a result of parents expecting to see the same "effort" from their coach as the most aggressive coach on the course. If you set the tone and expectation, the problems almost disappear. A coup
  5. I recently bought a Standard Horizon HX400 and a SSM-21A speaker mic. I am thrilled at how much better things sound on the speaker mic near my ear. Instead of having it full blast on my belt, it's a reasonable volume clipped to my shoulder strap on my PFD. I've used the same mic on my HX40 and it's good for sound, but doesn't have the battery "punch" of the HX400.
  6. I had a customer come to me once with a Musto drysuit that had an obvious gore tex failure. We worked through the process of getting it to the Gore facility. They agreed that it was fabric failure. Musto didn't make drysuits anymore, but Kokatat made Gore Tex drysuits. They conferenced in Kokatat, discussed the right model for the customer, then Gore gave Kokatat a credit card to order it at retail pricing on the spot. While the process was a little slow, I was very impressed that they went to another manufacturer and paid retail to make it right for the customer.
  7. The wood stick might be the fuel gauge. Dip into the tank....
  8. It's a Laser mainsheet block. Remove the other screw, get the eye strap, plastic plate, and hiking strap off. You should have plenty of screw sticking up to grab with a vise grip. It is a stainless pan head #10 machine screw. Use a good vise grip like this one: Milwaukee 7 in. Torque Lock Curved Jaw Locking Pliers with Durable Grip-48-22-3407 - The Home Depot
  9. Thule makes the "Hullivator." This is the same concept. I tried to adapt a hullivator for an opti and it didn't go well. The overhung load is REALLY hard on the mounting points to the car. I would be VERY hesitant to do this with a Melges 15 for fear I'd cave in the roof with all the leverage applied by the hull on one side. Instead, I'd look at a way to use one of these. Ultra-Tow Hydraulic Pickup Truck Crane With Hand Winch — 2000-Lb. Capacity | Northern Tool
  10. Par for the course. It seems they are very demanding of their dealers and are quick to change distributors and dealers if their internal sales targets aren't met. In my time in the boat business, I saw or experienced them change dealership or distributorship territories with very little warning or discussion, leaving a lot of investment lost by those dealers and distributors. Twice it did gain them market share. Once, it wasn't even close.
  11. I tried to make a template to square up my rudder and keel of my RC boat using my 3D printer. I'm pretty good at it and have calibrated my machine well. I wasn't confident in my results.
  12. My wishlist for a VHF is a bit different: 1. Handheld 2. Bluetooth that lets me hook up any bluetooth speaker I want for playback(not microphone). 3. Rewind feature 4. USB C charging 5. "Sleep Timer" Available in the menu 6. Standard Horizon or Icom quality 7. Waterproof 8. Floats With this, I could get nice loud VHF from the race committee anywhere on my boat without a fixed unit. I've used rewind on fixed units. They are great. USB C charging so it's common and modern. Sleep timer so I can say shut it down if I forget it in the boat overnight (or
  13. My primary PLC work is with Horner Automation PLC/HMI combinations. They include lots of CAN options (XL series, not micro), are reasonably priced, and the software is free. Their latest "demo video" about their app shows weather data being collected from sensors. While I'm a boat guy (and so is my rep for the product), I've never tried to blend marine into that PLC. If I was trying to learn PLC, integrate with marine, or just find something that has reasonable performance for the price, I'd look at Horner. While it doesn't have CAN capability, I've used the $399 X4 on multiple projects blend
  14. Whoever laid out that control scheme doesn't share my taste in Harken complementary hardware choices. I'd have extreme angle fairleads outboard, match line color to the colored fairlead scheme, and not use fast release fairleads on the vertical surfaces.
  15. Be careful of warp in the 3D print. That's not easy to detect and could cause real issues.
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