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  1. Thule makes the "Hullivator." This is the same concept. I tried to adapt a hullivator for an opti and it didn't go well. The overhung load is REALLY hard on the mounting points to the car. I would be VERY hesitant to do this with a Melges 15 for fear I'd cave in the roof with all the leverage applied by the hull on one side. Instead, I'd look at a way to use one of these. Ultra-Tow Hydraulic Pickup Truck Crane With Hand Winch — 2000-Lb. Capacity | Northern Tool
  2. Par for the course. It seems they are very demanding of their dealers and are quick to change distributors and dealers if their internal sales targets aren't met. In my time in the boat business, I saw or experienced them change dealership or distributorship territories with very little warning or discussion, leaving a lot of investment lost by those dealers and distributors. Twice it did gain them market share. Once, it wasn't even close.
  3. I tried to make a template to square up my rudder and keel of my RC boat using my 3D printer. I'm pretty good at it and have calibrated my machine well. I wasn't confident in my results.
  4. My wishlist for a VHF is a bit different: 1. Handheld 2. Bluetooth that lets me hook up any bluetooth speaker I want for playback(not microphone). 3. Rewind feature 4. USB C charging 5. "Sleep Timer" Available in the menu 6. Standard Horizon or Icom quality 7. Waterproof 8. Floats With this, I could get nice loud VHF from the race committee anywhere on my boat without a fixed unit. I've used rewind on fixed units. They are great. USB C charging so it's common and modern. Sleep timer so I can say shut it down if I forget it in the boat overnight (or
  5. My primary PLC work is with Horner Automation PLC/HMI combinations. They include lots of CAN options (XL series, not micro), are reasonably priced, and the software is free. Their latest "demo video" about their app shows weather data being collected from sensors. While I'm a boat guy (and so is my rep for the product), I've never tried to blend marine into that PLC. If I was trying to learn PLC, integrate with marine, or just find something that has reasonable performance for the price, I'd look at Horner. While it doesn't have CAN capability, I've used the $399 X4 on multiple projects blend
  6. Whoever laid out that control scheme doesn't share my taste in Harken complementary hardware choices. I'd have extreme angle fairleads outboard, match line color to the colored fairlead scheme, and not use fast release fairleads on the vertical surfaces.
  7. Be careful of warp in the 3D print. That's not easy to detect and could cause real issues.
  8. Many people don't realize that they can be thrown out of their own protest. That's a big reason for "losing."
  9. Phoenix Contact PT series terminal blocks are SUPER quality and easy to use. They are available on digikey, including different colors. I often buy lots of colors to differentiate 120vac, 24vdc, neutrals, safety circuits, and grounds.
  10. In the marine environment, I'd personally be inclined to use spring clamp terminal blocks (see Phonenix Contact PT4 as an example). Someone is going to tell me that isn't marine enough, but it tolerates corrosion and deals with varied wire sizes exceptionally well. I am personally disinclined to use ferrules or tin the wire, but I'm not an expert in the marine environment, only industry. I've wired a bunch of systems and never liked the available hardware. When I've used crimpers, make sure to use a controlled cycle tool, ideally with crimps from the same manufacturer. I had one for years that
  11. Working in industrial automation on a daily basis, I can reinforce that whatever you do, don't skimp on connectors. If I was doing a job on my boat, I might budget 50% for connections, hoping to beat it, but making sure I never felt bad about buying the right connector (and installation tool for said connector) for the job.
  12. I've heard a Jury be called a kangaroo court....but nobody threw a punch.
  13. As a matter of procedure, I read the facts, conclusions, and decision, then state that this hearing is closed. I follow that up with, "Do you have any questions?" If it is clear someone isn't understanding, I encourage the talk, assuming emotions aren't heated and we don't have a line of hearings behind that one. If we can't do it then, I certainly offer to discuss once the "deck is clear" or people have calmed down.
  14. Also not mentioned yet, is that to keep our certifications current, we must participate in valid hearings with facts found. If anything, we are incentivized to hear protests, not toss them as invalid. Shoot, I just attended 3 nights of virtual "protest day" to help sharpen my skills. Next month, I'm doing a 4 day advanced judge course. I do this to give back. I've been on the party side of the table plenty and it's my duty to give back and do it well. As we transition to more and more virtual hearings, being younger is a huge asset to that process. I'm not that young, but I'm usually the youn
  15. The class owning the molds may not be the issue. It seems that letting a bunch of boats be built out of a new mold without a comprehensive review after the first boat is the issue. If they could digitize the plug and send it to Australia, they could certainly have digitized the first boat out of the mold and sent the shape back for comparison. Now you've got a huge mess with no clean way out. Reference was made to the A Scow thread. At least then, we were only fighting over one hull. Have fun slogging this out, and if you are part of a class, put good thought into how you might approve a new m
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