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  1. How are the fumes? I tried Klean Strip....then I learned about Klean Strip Green. Big difference. But you can't seem to get it in Canada. I'm going to try shellac reducer later this week. Seems to have a better ethanol/poison ratio.
  2. Curious what brand of alcohol are Canadians burning in their stoves?
  3. Shaft alignment good .004"-ish with a 4" coupler and a 25mm Drivesaver type spacer. The output on the new drive is offset 3mm from the old one so I was starting from scratch. I didn't just match them up with the old ones and fire it up. I also re-checked after running it in gear briefly. Could the new, softer mounts 'settle' after some vibration, knocking it out? What if there's vibration even when in neutral?
  4. So life sometimes gets in the way and I've finally got the job finished - I think. When the engine is running, the shaft vibrates with it. I can't remember if it was like that before. Don't think I ever put my hand on it while running. I ran it in gear for a minute, shut it down, re-checked everything and all seems to be fine. I'm wondering if the new mounts I installed are too soft.
  5. Leave it. You might get a few bucks shaved off your slip fees.
  6. Probably sitka. Best strength to weight ratio.
  7. Is there any way to get the seller to bring it closer? Roche Harbor? Blaine?
  8. Only Sloop wins with these. Just ask him.
  9. Then you have "bear bangers". Some kind of firecracker, probably like a seal bomb (I haven't seen either). I know one guy working in the Yukon (forestry)who thought a grizzly was getting a little too close to their work and fired one off. It worked. Too bad it went off behind the bear - who charged right through the site like a runaway dump truck. Said you could feel it in your feet. Same guy and another were doing some kind of survey from A to B through the bush. Buddy sees a black bear and fires off a banger - bear heads in the other guys direction - who fires off his own bear ban
  10. There are stories of lucky fuckers landing a hard punch square in the bear's nose as they are being crushed/torn to bits - and the bear running away. Maybe more like a hard flailing. Don't want to find out.
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