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  1. It’s certainly as heavy as a Westsail - between ten and twelve tons I think. The boat’s not specifically for the west coast by the way.
  2. Is it just me or does thunderhead look like two different boats joined together? The join is at around the second port light.
  3. It’s not for me, honest! It’s a real third party, not a case of “my friend has an erectile problem”. I take it you’re away from the boat then?
  4. Thanks sass - the boat I’m after info on is a specific German build - semi production I think - from the 1970s How’s your rudder?
  5. I own a modern wooden hulled boat and after nearly ten years can tell you it’s the machinery, sails etc that kill you with cost. The hull not so much. It’s only one part of the boat.
  6. There’s another theory, or at least was, in Britain. It’s so engaging that I choose not to interrogate it. Based on DNA evidence the least mobile population in Britain is in the Home Counties - around London in short. The interpretation of this is that, as the Celts and Picts were driven to the fringes by Romans, Angles (England for the Angles?), Saxons, Normans and so on, a population just stayed on, as it were looking up from their farming to note another invasion, before carrying on as before. Irish mythology has various myth memories of earlier peoples, including the Fir Bolg.
  7. Lovely part of the world indeed. This odd sail choice is what took us across from Inishbofin to Fenit the week before last
  8. Didn’t know about that episode with MacBride. Interesting. Thanks. Reckon it’s all different now 2L. The big industrial buyers of large forestry in Ireland seem to be Irish - lots of money looking for assets, but ours is a pissy little beautiful thing of no commercial value. Migration and identity I s a funny thing: our land seems to have been owned by a Fineen in the 17th Century, then by the Orpen family, and in the 20th century by a Dutchman then a German, now by us. Are you in the diaspora?
  9. Reading back that post I'd like to apologise for a. The lack of capitalisaion b. The over-use of the historic present tense, which can reduce me to sea-foaming mad-fury Sorry.
  10. we’re in South Kerry the boat lives just over the border in Co Cork in the deservedly famous anchorage of Glengarriff Trees: Last ice age: no trees, no people End of last ice age (c 10,000 years ago): slow arrival of trees, arrival of Celts from Central Europe (probably) Begins a complicated relationship between people and trees of which there were fine forestfulls Large scale deforestation begins in 15th century with England’s need for oak for naval shipbuilding, the process continues with need of wood to fuel early industrial revolution metal-works by t
  11. Hi there lovely Cruising Anoraks all of you I've missed you, and have been off chasing other obsessions for a bit: our cruise round Europe got stuck in Ireland, and we seem to have bought a forest there. It's lovely but doesn't go to windward for shit. We've had some good sailing in the gaps, and finally got back to sea for the first time this year a few weeks ago. Advice needed: good friends (and good sailors), want to buy a handsome Archer type yacht, of a type built in Germany in the 1970s to a design by F. Hartz (the H is important). Sometimes called a Polar 35, sometimes a Polar
  12. My brother in law did a disappearing act a few years ago on his scruffy steel junk rigged thing. Old, poor, and sick he probably set out from the Canaries with his last bottle of scotch and opened the seacocks. Boat was called Roamer - he wrote quite a good book about his circumnavigation.
  13. What’s the baby seal’s favourite cocktail? Canadian Club, on the rocks. Tadaa!
  14. The closest we came to a fuckup (a serious one I mean) was when I released the wrong halyard and the main was stuck up, wouldn’t come down. Rushing all over the place in the dark we were. Tired makes you stupid. I didn’t know I was tired.
  15. Nope. Proper priorities: 1 Watch lots of videos first 2 Write about them later er... but I do worry about your soul watching all that shite
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