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  1. Theta is moving east. Maybe Alex and Jean know what they're doing.
  2. Back in the 1960's Jim Brown designed his Searunner trimarans with the cockpit in the middle of the boat and the mast in the cockpit so that one could reef and do other sail handling chores from the safety of the cockpit. The galley and saloon were aft of the cockpit. Chris White adopted the same idea for his cats: sailing cockpit forward, mast accessible from the cockpit, saloon aft. I believe all the other cats that have this arrangement (starting with Gunboats) copied it from Chris.
  3. Opps, you're right. Forgot about Soma's project.
  4. Five Gunboats hauled at Newport Shipyard right now, including the 68 and the 90.
  5. wonder if he's planning on a drooping boom low on deck for end plate effect like Sobedo.
  6. Go to Facebook and type in Rolex Fastnet 2019
  7. Peeked in the shop the other day. Looks like some progress being made. Nice color if you like orange.
  8. Saw GB68 Condor on the dock at Newport Shipyard last night. Looks big. Plenty of freeboard. Not too beamy.
  9. The hurricane was Marilyn. The girl was Katy from Scotland.
  10. Nice to see the old girl is still alive and well. Hard to believe I only had her for a bit over two years: launched spring of '84, sold to Rich Wilson fall of '86. She had a used aluminium mast of 42' from the original Newick 38, Native. Sold my Martin D28 guitar to pay for the mast. These wood/epoxy boats can last a long time if they're given reasonable care.
  11. Any clue why this boat hasn't sold? It's been for sale a long time. Price seems reasonable. Is it heavy? I see it's been structurally reinforced inside the hulls around the main beam area.
  12. Ha! I lived aboard this boat for a summer on a mooring in Vineyard Haven while working for Dick. Right in front of the ferry dock. It was very much like sleeping in a coffin. We sailed her a few times trying different rudder set-ups. Oars for steering did not work well.
  13. That's more than 10 kts of wind. For some reason it never looks as windy in a photo as it really is.
  14. Looks like Bob and Ira are going to have one at the Newport (Rhode Island) Boat Show starting this Thursday. Maybe I'll wander down and have a look. Wonder if the G4 will be there. I already saw it in St Maarten, but it was pretty cool.
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